"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh, Dirt, how I have missed thee

What is that sound?

Do you hear it?

It is an eerie, yet gleeful, silent sound

A sound that is free of whining, bitching, and general teenage pomposity.

It is the glorious sound of Spring Break and it is music to my sick-to-fucking-death-of -teenagers'-bullshit ears.

Picture (right) by some weird-ass, french teenager named
Tooga. I thought it was apropos to chose a weird ass teenager's angst filled art. Maybe mommy took her iPod away

Anyhoo...back to the dirt!

Since I was off Monday morning (did I mention I was on Spring Break? I am. Quite delightful, actually) I decided to head out to my beloved Baylands for a celebratory run (I am celebrating being on Spring Break, in case you had not heard, I am on Spring Break.)

It was pouring on my drive up, but I was not to be dissuaded. I had a date with the waterfowl (not like that. Big pervs!)

It is nesting season for the Canada Geese at Baylands. If you are not familiar with Goose-Speak, that is Goose for "Fuck off!"

I headed out and I owned the trail.

10 am on a Monday morning + Everyone else at work = All good.

I was trotting along enjoying a beautiful run with great views and animal encounters

Male Pheasant. Major crop. This is as good as I could get, but he was stunning

Almost to the step, at the 2.5 mile turn around it started raining. Running back through the marsh, the already saturated mud took on the pancake batter consistency that collects at the bottom of your shoes making them weigh about 5 pounds each and giving you the feel of running on snow shoes. By the end of my run, they had mostly been cleaned by the gravel portion of the trail and the rain, but they still left evidence of horrid running form.

Nice. I am sure this happens to Paula Radcliffe too.

It was a great run. Somehow it ended up being 5.5 miles. I turned around at 2.5 and ran an out and back, but I took a detour up the boardwalk to catch some extra views.

Gorgeous, soul enriching run. I even had Rain Run hair at the end.

Did I tell you all I was on Spring Break? I am. :)


Formulaic said...

Spring break?

Who knew? Oh You!

I knew there was a reason for that shit eating grin!

Aka Alice said...

So...are you on spring break yet?

Have a great week!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Re: That penultimate pic:

Hubba-hubba! Nice kankle!

Hahahahahahaha! Just kidding! O, TrannyB, why is it I can't be nice to you even during genteel April?

O, wait! I know why.


Hahahahaha! Enjoy the rest of your break.

For the record: That Canada goose?

I'd've TOTALLY hit that.

IronSnoopy said...

I'm jealous of said Spring Break.


But so happy that you got out to enjoy the animals and what Mother Nature threw at you. Yay!

Carly said...

Enjoy spring break. Only 3 1/2 more weeks until my summer break. ;-)

Christi said...

Congrats on Spring Break! I am sure that you are enjoying teen free. I just wish I could say the same but alas my teen lives with me!

Regina said...

I hate spring break, it means my kid is home. All. the. time. Thank God it's over for us.

Have a good one.

SteveQ said...

Generic comment.

(Phoning it in, since you're on spring break)

Jo Lynn said...

You got a dirty fix. Good for you!
Wanna do a 40-mile clockwise Calaveras loop bike ride with me and the FFBC on Saturday morning?
Love to have you!!!
I mean, you are on Spring break after all. ;)

Carolina John said...

have fun on your spring break.

BrianFlash said...

Ah - beloved Canada Geese, who seem to spend all of their time in the United States, particularly right next to my running trails and then get all huffy when I go running by and try and threaten me with bodily violence even though they can clearly see that a quick grab and twist of their neck would end their happy little lives.


Diva's Thoughts said...

Good for you!!! I am a lazy couch potatoe so running for me is out of the question.

BTW- When do you start spring break?

Aileen said...

...Spring break! I feel like you deserve it. However, no more pictures of the Canadian Geese. Everyone knows those birds are evil.

Sheryl said...

Yay for spring break! Enjoy!

Btw, super cute running outfit! Love the pink!