"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yes, this makes me a b*tch

Most of you know that I have an amazing best friend that we call LA Run buddy. She is actually "Formerly from LA Run buddy" as she has moved back to the land of sane people in Northern California, but her moniker was already too long and people know it, so we are sticking with that.


LA Run buddy is amazing. She is beautiful, smart, funny as hell, and everyone LOVES her instantly.

The bride -Claudia fucking Schiffer, and her elven friend.

So, where is the "this makes me a bitch" part, you ask?

I HATE that she is:

1. prettier than me

2. funnier than me

3. people like her more than they like me (even people that would NEVER admit it and, really, for their health and safety shouldn't.)

4. runs faster than me

5. bikes faster than me

6. swims faster than me (ok, a little petty to hate that, since EVERY able bodied person in the free world, and one guy with one arm [beat me at Pac Grove. Twice], swims faster than me.)

7. looks better in bike shorts than me

8. looks better in EVERYTHING than me

9. is all around one of those girls that is shown in movies walking around with a pack of other perfect girls, in slow motion, with their hair blowing in a breeze that no one else is effected by, as everyone stares mouth agape.

10. is COMPLETELY selfless and giving and does not have ONE mean bone in her perfect little fucking body.


This has been true since I met her and even though EVERY gene on my two little X chromosomes screams that I should hate her and say nasty shit behind her back to boost my own subterranean self esteem, since that is how we girls roll, ....

I don't

because she is so damn lovable.


This week at Weight Watchers (I went there to lose the 375,000 pounds I gained training for Ironman. And, yes, I do believe that is the ultimate "Fuck you" from your metabolism, in case you were wondering) I got another reminder of how improbable this friendship is.

We go to weigh in after our run (the clothes are lighter, and maybe, just maybe, I lost water weight in sweat) I knew this was the "week before" weigh in and it was going to suck. The girls know what I am talking about. It is the week before your period when you bloat up like a dead porpoise carcass in July and gain inexplicable amounts of weight over fucking night. That is of course, unless you are a already a skinny bitch, then I don't know what happens to you. Do you get lighter? Do angels fly out of your butt? Seems like everything else goes your way, why not that? (ooohh, so bitter, RBR, so bitter...)

ANYWAY, RBR, back to the story

LA Run Buddy is a lifetime member because she hit goal over a year ago and goes to maintain (yes, people actually exist that are not constantly either losing or gaining weight. They just stay the same weight. Crazy. I know. I thought that was urban legend too) So as I am having the kind lady at WW give me the "Oh, dear God you gained 3 FUCKING pounds in a week. What happened? Did you eat New Zealand" look, LA Run Buddy's weigh in girl was giving her paper work to work at the center and be a meeting leader since she was "such an inspiration and had great energy. "


I, seriously, need less hot friends.

TRAINING (Oh, yes I actually have training to report)

I have started a 4 day a week plan to get me back moving and in the habit without making me crazy. I had a great talk with my coach that was super inspirational and frankly really good for my self esteem. So I am feeling much better about all of this. Including IMCdA, which I think I took relatively well, but was certainly a blow.

I have been feeling really strong out there on my 4 and 5 mile runs (le sigh) and 20 mile bike rides, but at least I am doing more than once or twice a week.


I am staying conservative at this point, but you know me, once this gets rolling I am certain there will be more.

Here are three races that WILL happen in 2010.

Big Sur Marathon April 25th, 2010

Auburn Half Iron Triathlon May 23, 2010

Vineman Full Iron Distance July 31, 2010 (It is ON bitches!)