"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life, or something like it

I was talking/emailing with another blogger about the type of life stuff that shows up and makes things like doing a triathlon seem unimportant and possibly even stupid and selfish.

I have some of that type of life stuff going on. For the record, it definitely falls into the "this sucks ass" category, and yes, it is INFINITELY more important than getting my fat, slow, 40 year old ass across a full iron finish line, but I don't really feel like getting specific about it on the ol' blog.

But the question this brings up for me is, does that mean I should stop everything I do that is good for me and eat McDonald's McGriddles for breakfast every morning? (Umm... damn. That was a little too specific which makes it obvious that it is my current reality... *stuffs McDonald's bag under car seat with foot*)

Probably not.

The truth is that in my 40 years, and I suspect everyone's years, there have been plenty of times when my life was not exactly all sunshine, butterflies, and fat puppy bellies (couldn't you just die for fat puppy bellies?!)

And I have learned that I will survive it and that my life in the here and now is all that I have (well, I suppose someday I will not survive it, no one gets out of life alive, but that does not really change my point). Anyhoo, why then should I choose to make myself more miserable or forgo things or experiences that I want while I go through what is just life?

The short answer is, I shouldn't.

All of that cryptic mumbo jumbo is to say, life has thrown me some curves and I am dealing with them the best I can while trying to train for a silly triathlon in July. My priorities will be to myself, my family & friends, my work, and my training for the triathlon. In that order.

Whatever comes of that, will come of that.

I hope it culminates in a healthy, happy family cheering me across the Vineman finish line in the dead of night, but if all I get out of it is a healthy, happy family I am still the big winner and the luckiest girl I know.

Mandatory "Keep 'er honest" training report


Piss poor this week. Some of my current "life issues" make running VERY uncomfortable right now and I have only been good for about 2 mile runs since last Friday. That will hopefully be better soon.


We did the Cinderella group ride on Saturday that climbed into Alum Rock park and that went well. I did pretty good up the hills in the compact double. I did not fall over, nor did I text obscenities to my husband from the top of the climb, so that has to be a good sign right?


You are apparently not allowed to swim within 24 hours of consuming McGriddles. *shrugs* You know me, I am no rule breaker.... so , yeah, no swimming this week.

I know, I know. I will be better.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Training and a little reflection

This weekend was the first training ride of the Cinderella Challenge Training Group put on the the Fremont Freewheelers.

A little info and commentary on the training series

It starts with an informational meeting where they talk about everything from what to expect during the training, to cycling nutrition, to what to wear to be comfortable. It is geared toward beginners, but they work to make it pertinent and interesting to more experienced riders as well which, lets be honest, can be tough to do. I applaud them. Then before the ride, they do a bike rodeo to help you learn about your bike, check for safety and learn some basic skills. The volunteers are patient, fun, and a wealth of knowledge.

Everyone involved in this HUGE undertaking are volunteers. The whole club comes out to support this. For basically, like 6 dollars, you get a year membership to the club, and registration to a new ride they are holding called the Wordly Wanda Tour de Fremont. (I am being facetious, the training series actually costs $75, but still ridiculously cheap for all of the training and advice you get. I do a lot of this shit, bargains are rare in this money pit we call triathlon, so I thought I would mention it.)

Seriously good peeps, in this club. Seriously good peeps.

Saturday long-ish ride

LA Run Buddy is doing it with me this year! Last year I had to do all of this alone. I met some really great people and I am very glad I did it, but I can not tell you how excited and grateful I am that she is helping me train for this iron distance.

The Challenge group is the faster group that does a lot of climbing and we were scheduled for an easy 20 miler with some climbing up what are affectionately called "the animals." (goes up two hills called Boar and Cougar) only one is steep and very short but it was my first steep climb in the compact double.

My initial assessment of the compact double:

My husband is toast * and I am fucked on any climb longer than my hair.

*for you that do not know, he HOUNDED me about switching me from my triple to a compact double, which I emphatically refused, and then bought it for me as a Christmas present.

It does seem to make me a little faster on the flats, which I needed badly, but Crimey! Losing your three lowest gears? You WILL notice that on a climb.

We ended up riding 26 miles (Math is not a strong suit of the Cinderella people. I have learned to get over it) and it was nice.

Sunday Run

LA Run Buddy is back from the frozen tundra known as Minnesota, and we ran 10 easy miles at Baylands.

Not from this Sunday. I had my camera, I did not use it. *shrugs* Hmm.... need to get my picture taking mojo back too it seems.

Her knee was giving her trouble at about 8, which has been her Achilles heel for all runs over 8 miles. I am not sure she is going to be able to do marathon distances with me, but we will work it out. I have route ideas where she can do 1/2 mary distances and we can run most of it together. She will just need to bring her own car or a VERY big book to read while she waits for me. Again, yes, I am very aware of how lucky I am to have a friend like her.

Not from this Sunday's run. This is from a few weeks ago, but she is still just as adorable.

Gorgeous run, a little rain, great friend, lots of adorable waterfowl. It just does not get much better than this.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The many moods of RBR...

How many points do I get for hitting the skinny bitch in leggings and Ugg boots, that is walking against the light at her glacially slow 'cool girl' pace, yet snearing at me, while I am forced to stop traffic to wait for her?

Not the skinny bitch in question. Just some other random skinny bitch.

Just curious.

Amazing how tough she is when I am driving by. She was decidedly less tough when I stopped, parked, and got out to ask what her fucking problem was.

Watch out little girl, Ironman training is ramping up and I am on 22 Weight Watcher points. I want to kill people that I actually like. Beating your skinny ass would be like a present to myself.


Ran 10 miles on Sunday. Sadly this was NOT at the San Joaquin Hospital 10 miler that I said I would do with Punk Rock Tri Guy because I am an asshole and did not register in time.

No excuses. I am an asshole and very sorry.

I did have a great run Sunday at my beloved Baylands. (link to cool pics. Not mine, nor hubby's) It was the first long run I have done alone since July (well shit, it is the first double digit run I have done since Barb's *blushes*). LA Run Buddy was out of town at a wedding (in Minnesota of all places! Who the hell gets married in Minnesota in January? I mean, I know those people are tougher than your average bear, but damn! )

Anyhoo... the run was beautiful and just what I needed for my Sybil-esque mood swings.


Hubby upgraded my drive train to 10 speed Ultegra components for Xmas (Yes, with a compact double. Dear God, my granny ring is gone! I am SUPER apprehensive about this but he assures me it will make me stronger. If he is wrong guess who gets blamed for this IM failure?) and this week we got them on and I got the try them out.

I am not sure if this is the crankset I have, but is it a compact double

It is taking some getting used to the shifting differences between my old triple and the double. Without boring the snot out of you, basically the front rings have a bigger difference between them, so you can not just go down into your small ring from the lowest gear of your big ring when you need it to be easier without uselessly, yet feverishly, spinning your legs looking like an IDIOT as you struggle to not fall over and shift up madly.

I have yet to actually fall, but I have scarred a few small children in my presence as I these episodes occur. I have to say my husband barking at me that I need to "plan my shifting better" and "anticipate the terrain" is SUPER helpful and VERY appreciated.


I am forbidden from saying anything negative about swimming.

I swam.

So it goes... 6 months and 25 days to Vineman. God help everyone that has to deal with me.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dude, it is 2010?!

When did THAT happen?!

I guess it happened while I was lolling around with my head wedged firmly up my ever expanding ass.


Enough wallowing about things that did not go as I had hoped in 2009,

Enough waiting until X, Y, or Z happens to get my shit together (for the record X, Y, and Z is usually X = I have more money, Y = I lose more weight, or Z = I am more caught up at work. These things are like waiting for the fucking toothfairy. He ain't coming, RBR. Get over it!)

and finally

Enough procrastinating on making a decision if Ironman is worth all the expense, hardship, and endless training. Honestly, I don't know if it is, but I am fucking going for it again anyway.


'Cuz that is how RBR rolls.

She may not have speed, she may not have talent, but she sure as shit has pig headed determination, and does not embarrass easily.

Despite the fact that they have an ugly ass logo that is not easy to steal from the website,
I have officially registered for the full Vineman Triathlon July 31, 2010.

Yes, I have suffered mightily on this course doing Barb's Race in 2008 and 2009, so I thought what the hell? Let's just do that bitch, twice! In a row! Within a 16 hour cut off! (more on the cut off in another post. I am on a roll here, no sense in getting bogged down with piddly details, like I timed out at IMCdA and this iron distance race has a one hour SHORTER cut off.. no worries, sillies!)

IronJane and Formulaic will both be there and that makes me exceedingly happy (BOTH are two time Iron finishers and my official beacons of BAD ASSERY). Plus, I know many of my ladies will be out there battling Barb's Race and that makes me exceedingly happy as well!

Training Update


I have rediscovered my love of running. It is like those old jeans that you put on one day and they were a little tight and gave you that lumpy, frumpy feeling, causing you to pitch them to the back of the closet, vowing to never wear them again. Until one day, when you were out of clean pants and were forced to don them. Upon slipping back into the soft demin, you felt their familiar comfort and decide, "hey, my ass does not look half bad in these!"

Kind of like, that but I am certain I will NEVER say that about my ass in running shorts *sigh*

Coming back from a running hiatus at 40 sucks ass, by the way. But even if my fitness is VERY slowly coming back, I have that happy feeling when I run again and I actually want to run. This is all good news.


I am faster. (Calm down, fast-ER, not to be confused with fast)

I know, WTF? I take 3 months off, working out once, MAYBE twice, a week and that improved my cycling speed? *shrugs*

Whatever. I will take it.

I have signed up for the Cinderella Challenge Cycling Training again this year. Those ladies helped me so much last year! It starts next week. I am pretty excited.


*sigh* I have signed up for pre-masters again. I can not face going back to masters yet.

I am, however, making the following declaration: This is the season of the swim. Therefore, I am not allowed to say the following phrases (until after July 31st):

1. "I hate swimming"

2. "Swimming sucks ass"

3. "I would rather engage in naked jello wrestling with Newt Gingrich, than go swimming."

2010 Race schedule (some changes):

Since I was wallowing this fall I missed out on registering for Big Sur marathon (it is sold out). I am very disappointed, but I am going to do another marathon that same day instead.

April 25, 2010 Marin County Marathon

May 23, 2010 Auburn Half Iron Triathon

July 31, 2010 Vineman Full Iron Triathlon