"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Race Report: Juana Run 8K

Today I got a little creative with my long run. I decided to sign up for The Juana Run 8K (5 mile) in Palo Alto. I ran 4 miles before the race. It was supposed to be 5 miles, but their course map sucked! I was trying to run the course backwards and then I would run it the right way when the race started. Because the map was so bad and they had drawn the arrows over the street names I got lost and it took longer than I planned. I didn't want to get too lost and miss the start, so I left it at 4 miles, then I ran the 5 mile race, then I ran an additional mile after the race for a grand total of 10 miles this morning. I went to the gym tonight to run again 3-5, but my knee was sore in the first 1/2 mile, so I decided to be conservative and I didn't run. The knee has been a little touchy since the 30K.

So let's get to the race report. It was a pretty uneventful run, so it should be brief.

Juana Run 8K - Palo Alto, CA

The packet pick up started at 7 am with an 8:30am start of the actual race. I was there right at 7 and they weren't quite ready, but the volunteers were cheerful anyway (except the t-shirt guy, he was a little grouchy when I went back because they hadn't given me a race bag, they just gave me the t-shirt by itself. I didn't even know there was a race bag until I saw other people holding it. It had coupons in it, for crying out loud! I had to go back!)

I ran my four miles and ended up at the start which was a seemingly random location in the middle of a neighborhood street. There were probably about 150 runners I would guess. Then without out any fanfare, or signal of any kind for that matter, the race started.
As usual, the pack left at a pace faster than I wanted to run and a pace faster than most could maintain. I did end up passing quite a few people later on. I even passed some men! And they weren't all over 80.

The first mile was a little painful because after the 4 mile run I had to stand around and wait for the 8K to start. My legs felt like lead. After about a mile, a mile and a half I found my legs and my pace picked up. Miles 3-5 (which were really miles 7 -9 for me) I was flying, well, flying for me. It felt good.

Here are my splits for the 8K:
Mile 1 10:53
Mile 2 10:16
Mile 3 9:18
Mile 4 9:55
Mile 5 9:04 (holy shit!)

Are those actually nines?! I can't believe I have a race with all nines in the the last 3 miles! The mile I ran after the race was like a cool down since I had pushed so hard at the end of the 8K.

Alright, let's get to the BEST part of this race. The coup de gras that ensures that I will run this race next year: PANCAKES! The Original Pancake House in Los Altos donated pancakes. Not only did they donate all the food, they cooked the pancakes fresh for every runner! Rock on! Hobee's also donated their famous coffee cake (that I LOVE) so I had some of that as well.

The rest of my day was complete shit. I have been fighting with my husband. Not really fighting, more like I am being a complete psycho over stupid shit that he has no control over and he is not being sensitive enough (he isn't really a sensitive guy, so for me to expect sensitivity to my psychosis after 17 years is a bit stupid on my part. Hello! Did I just meet him?)

Then, I was supposed to have a lab today for my AP biology students and the fucking bacteria that I plated yesterday did not grow. Are you kidding me? The fucking bacteria DID. NOT. GROW! Needless to say, no bacteria, no lab. You can't really do a bacterial transformation lab without bacteria. Aaaaahhhhh!

I had to call the kids to cancel. Some of them showed up because I couldn't get a hold of them and I had to have then call their parents pick them back up. I felt like a idiot. Now, with everyone's nightmare schedules (mine and the kids, you would not believe some of these kids' schedules. They are crazy) we have to reschedule the damn thing.


Southbaygirl said...

First of all having just consummed pancakes after our herding class I saw that you had a plate full yesterday-yummy!!! Love pancakes!!

9 minute splits-you are so not a back of the packer woman!! Look at you go!! You are a rockstar!!!I'm the penguin!! Yeah when we run a race together we'll be starting out together!!!

I've been herding with Velcro for about a year full time now. I had done it off and on for a couple years prior. We actually enter AKC and AHBA trials. Our next one is the 2nd weekend in march. We'll be going for our Course A started! Very exciting!!! She has earned ribbons and it is SO much fun!! A complete dog sub-culture. I'm downloading pics from her prior herding trials to bubbleshare. Check them out. This will be the first time we'll be scored in an AKC event. The prior 2 classes, HT and PT, were pass/fail. We've done one AHBA scored event-we got a 76/90 a pass so I was THRILLED!! especially considering I have a cattle dog who competes against Border Collies-she is not a Border Collie and it's taking alot of work to get the cattle dog instinct of, getting right in on the sheep, out of her...but today was a pretty good day!!! I'm very proud of my girl-but boy is she exhausted!!!

Now on to a more important issue, Melvin. I'm so sorry you're having to go thru all of this. I so know how you feel and can completely understand if you don't want to talk about it and tell me to shut the fuck up!!! It's absolutely horrible!!! They are your children! Whenever you need to vent-bring it on!!! Today sounds very positive!!! And I agree you have to weigh all the possibilities. Sometimes the next step might not be the best thing for his quality of life....but no matter what you choose you must always remember that you have given him an amazing life! A life that he probably wouldn't have had!!!! Always remember that!!!! He's such a lucky kitty!!!

I have to run 7 miles today. i'm waiting until it cools off a bit-ha! It would have been nice to run the race today but I wanted to give Velcro her day since she's been such a good girl and we haven't gone herding in 3 weeks!!! She needs it! The cats told me to get her out of the house and take her to see her sheep. It's funny, Since I started giving Kodak his insulin 2x a day, Velcro hears me rolling the insulin in my hand(it clinks on a ring) and she knows it's her job to round up Kodak and probably Winton-smart little girl. But the cats are over it....but a working dog always works!!

OK I think I've made a big enough post! Don't ever apologize for writing any kind of post!!! The crappy or just as important as the good ones!!


Southbaygirl said...

Here is a link to pics I've taken ie Herding pics of velcro


Tracy said...

I love the posts on your run "adventures." I feel like I'm right along there with you!

I'm sorry things didn't go well with the bacteria, and you already know this but just so you can see it in print: IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT.

Just an outside observation, but your husband didn't just meet you, either. I'm sure he loves you and accepts your psycho ways (LOL) even if he doesn't always understand them.

~ Tracy

Southbaygirl said...

Hey,I wanted to say something about your husband or men but since I'm not the best judge of a male character and obviously haven't been in years-I didn't.I think the fact that you two are together and happy after 17 years is pretty darn good!!! You and he are different that's all. venus and Mars do exist!!! If that's the case I must be the non-existent planet Pluto!!!

Southbaygirl said...

Ha...I look like a runner-that's funny. All i saw were my thighs! ha ha! But it's so nice to be running races again so i don't give a shit what my thighs look like and who sees them-ok maybe I do care about that!!!
Hell no one is seeing them anyway-boy did I go off on a tangent!! Yikes!

I love herding with my girl-it's made her a much better companion for me-I've given her a job. We have our next AKC trial the 2nd weekend in March-Yikes! Going for our Course A started! It's so much fun!!! Almost as fun as running for me-but so different!! She has 5 ribbons so far and her AKC name is Velcro PT, since she's passed her PT so far! It's crazy fun!!! Maybe if we go to one further north you guys can come and cheer us on!!!

Now we must pick a race to run in!!!

How is Melvin today? Any change? I started my shit shovelling job today-got $150 in cash for the week and proceeded to go buy dog and cat food-they get all the yummies!!!

Hopefully I'll start working in march! Still so fucking far away!!! AAHH!!!

Must get back to watch the Westminster Dog Show..no sappy movies tonight!!


Southbaygirl said...

ok...I laughed at your last comment!!! I'm not a big fan of my thighs right now-even though they look better than they did when I was still attached to the 210lb tumor that's my ex!!! ha ha! Of course I just had a cup of tea and 2 biscuits...it's tea time! It's cold and overcast-perfect sweater, teatime and biscuit weather!!!

Lets find a run!!! The only 2 weekens I'm booked are the first 2 weekends in march-I have a pre trial herding trial in Escondido on sunday 2nd march and then our first AKC trial of the season the weekend of 8th and 9th up near Frasier Park off the 5. hmm....the rest of the time I think I'm open-sundays I usually take the girlie herding. I'm thinking of running a race on saturday the 23rd in Los Alimitos(south of Long Beach) on a military runway....who knows though because I just got a call about a possible commercial to work on the week of the 24th-so my schedule might be up in the air!! I'm waiting for my phone to start ringing!!! Ring Damnit!!!

Southbaygirl said...

I laughed to when they changed the name-then a girl who works for me, who has a ____ russell Terrier, got rather niffed when I called it Jack because they had changed the name...so i said "whatever"....they are still little spitfires!

I got up early to run this morning but I'm a bit tired from 2 runs yesterday-so I'm going to wait and go for a run when I get back from shit shovelling...

Tracy said...

You went to the WEIGHT room to find out about, and get trained on, the MACHINES??!?? Do you know what a major step and a BIG DEAL that is?!?? I'm so flippin' PROUD of you!

Sounds like you're coming up with a workout plan and future goals. I can hardly wait to hear your experiences with it.

Just like anything else, it's going to feel awkward at first. It takes a few workouts for your muscles to get used to the new movement. And yes, the first few times you'll be sore. But it's a good sore and you'll realize you're strengthening muscles you didn't realize you had.

A month or so in, you'll be somewhere (the grocery store, whatever) and it will occur to you how powerful you feel because your muscles are getting stronger.

You GO girl! And again, I am PROUD of you!

~ Tracy