"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is it already Thursday?

Lordy, where did the week go? My masters professor always uses the saying "busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest." That is pretty much how I feel. I am buried already and the semester just started. This is my hardest time of year. From now until May 12th is a mad dash. Good news: I am still running; Bad news: My diet has taken a hit and I am stressed so I am not sleeping nearly enough. Still overall it is much better than this time last year, so I guess I am improving.

I am also seriously burned out on Jenny Craig right now. I think I need a break, but I need to have a plan. In the past "no Jenny" has turned into a free-for-all, and while my eating isn't great, it certainly isn't as bad as I am capable of.

Run treadmill (39:55)
Run 4 miles (9:58 min/mile pace)
HR Monitor: Total calories burned (479 cal)

I ran the first 3 miles at 9:20 min/mile and then ran another slower mile after that. My knee felt pretty good, but my legs were still a little tired from the weekend run.

Sourdough toast & jam/coffee (200 cal)
JC French toast & banana/coffee/ Cliff bar (post run) (470 cal)
Chevy's: Chicken Quesadilla (600 cal)
none (0 cal)
JC Chicken Fettuccine (I took the chicken out. It looked gross) (220 cal)
yogurt & 1/4 c. cereal (150cal)

Total calories in: 1550 cal
Total calories burned from exercise: 479 cal


Southbaygirl said...

Hey stranger-I was wondering what was up!!! Your schedule sounds like mine when i actually work-ha ha!!!

I can understand being burned out on JC. My dad gave me this amazing wok for christmas that has a steamer shelf-I've become the mad veggie steamer lately!!! Love it!!! And it's pretty good for me!! Mind you I have all the free time to cook right now and since I only eat fish-veggies occupy alot of my diet.

But at least you're running!! That's awesome!!

Now are you teaching school, going to school or doing both??

Tomorrow is friday-shit doesn't mean a hill of beans to me-everyday is friday! ha! This f-ing strike has to end soon or I'm going to pull all my hair out. i think it's finally catching up to me mentally!!! SUCKS!! I don't know if I can remember how to do my job...


We must pick a race to run. I don't think I'm going to make the Buzz half-unless I get my pet sitter to cover my shit-shovelling job~mind you she's going to finish it off if I ever get a call to work again! Talk about a slap in the face to your self esteem!!! Thanks god I've lost weight-I can't imagine if I had gained weight after all the shit I've been thru the past 5 months-it would be awful!! Sorry i started crying and Velcro being the most amazing dos that she is came over to give me a loving nudge! God I love my dog!! God we were outside last nite and a white jeep cherokee with a muffler problem drove up the street slowly, my ex drove a white explorer that sounded so similar, velcro got so excited-I think she thought it was him! Made me cry. She remembers everything!!

Sorry! How is melvin??? What did the vet say? Winton is sleeping alot-at least he's sleeping thru the night!! I should go to vet school and get out of this stupid business!!!

Stacey you're an amazing woman! Look at waht you do everyday! WOW !!! unbelievable!! Keep your head up-everyone has a bad day or two. Or at least i keep telling myself that! ha ha


Tracy said...

Two words sister, Eat Clean. I know, I know, I'm like a cult member. But it's truly something I believe in. You'll feel better, look better and work out better. No money involved except for the price of the book and all regular food. Buy and eat most of the same food that your hubby eats. The only "hassle" is packing a bunch of food each day but that's not that bad! No measuring, no counting calories or points. No aspect of perfectionism (so there!). The idea is to eat as cleanly as possible each day. AND you can have a "splurge" meal every once in awhile. In fact, most on Oxygen Mag recommend it!

Tracy said...

Forgot to add - I LOVED the (above) story about Velcro!

~ Tracy

Southbaygirl said...


How was your run this morning?? I haven't run today. A bit sore from my 2 hour pilates workout-what was I thinking??

I'm still planning on running the chinatown 10k tomorrow-it's getting hot here and I don't do great in the heat-the scot in me! But as of right now it's the plan!!

This is going to be a rough crappy week for me I can tell. It will be 5 months since the asshole left-and that falls on Valentines day..needless to say I'm not looking forward to that day at all! I'll probably go out and run run run on that day! And of course I've got PMS, have no money and no job in the near future so I'm just a big bucket of tears! Sometimes it sucks being a girl!! But I guess I have my health and my animlals with me everyday to put a smile on my face! Velcro really has saved my lfe!! Funny I rescued her the day she was to be put down and she in turn has saved me!!

Sorry! Just wanted to see how your run went...and then it turned into a tearful rant...

I hope you had a great run! And I hope it's not too hot up there. I was checking out future races...ave of the giants....I've always wanted to run that!!!