"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friends: Old and New

This long, holiday weekend I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with some quality people. My hip has still been a problem and I have not run since before the aborted Bogg's race.

The mood in RBRland has been dour at best. This weekend I was able to see, once again, just how fucking lucky I am.


I started the long weekend with one of my all time favorite humans, LA Run Buddy. We hung out and caught a movie since she was going to be gone all weekend visiting people in L.A. and spreading the news about her impending motherhood. (Yes, you all heard it way before the beautiful people of L.A. Ha!)


I was off on Friday for the Veteran's Day weekend. I called up a buddy of mine that recently had a stroke to see if I could come visit. (Ok, full disclosure, I went to visit him at the rehab center on Tuesday and he had been discharged that morning. Oops. Way to be on top of it, RBR)

He was trying his first foray at one handed, wheelchair baking. He was making cupcakes for his brother's birthday. I have 2 black thumbs when it comes to baking, but I have a black belt when comes to sampling baked goods, so I told him, "Hells yeah, I will come 'help'." I hung with him and his super cool family for a few hours before I had to take LA Run Buddy to the airport. His brother, sister-in-law, and their 3 children are taking care of him. Amazing people all of them.

We decided that pineapple upside down cupcakes baked by a stroke victim* have no calories, which is good for me since I ate 4.

I stole this picture from Google images, but this is exactly what they looked like. Delish.

*He actually calls himself a stroke volunteer. He smoked like a train, did not exercise, and despite being a diabetic for 14 years partook generously in the fruits of his own labor as a pastry chef. He is on the wagon now and has not smoked since the stroke 3 weeks ago. He is also the model physical therapy patient and he did not eat even one cupcake!


Jo Lynn and I decided to go for a "walk" at Sunol Regional Wilderness Park. I put 'walk' in parenthesis because her last email to me in planning for this "walk" was "just bring 32-40 oz. of water and you should be fine."

That morning I was filling my Camelbak in preparation, and hubby says,

Hubby: I thought you were just getting coffee and going for a walk?

RBR: *sigh* Yeah, this is a Jo Lynn walk. I have to earn my freaking coffee.

When most women say they are going to get coffee and go for a walk, you imagine strolling along some pretty bike path sipping a latte. Not if you go with Jo Lynn. So filled the Camelbak.

Jo Lynn, most adorable trail dog ever, Boomer, and moi. (Pic stolen from Jo Lynn's blog.)

I had never been to Sunol and it was beautiful. There is a place they call little Yosemite because of the rock formations and there were gorgeous views of Mt. Diablo in the distance. Obviously, since it was gorgeous I took exactly zero pictures. Nice one, RBR. Documentation FAIL.

Another picture stolen from Jo Lynn

Jo Lynn is recovering from surgery and I am pretty sure she is not supposed to be dropping my ass on the hiking trails, but it was exactly what I needed to get back out there. I have been wallowing a bit because of my hip and sometimes I forget that what I really love about this sport. is going somewhere beautiful and spending time with people I like. It does not really matter how fast I am doing it.

Little Yosemite, Sunol Regional Wilderness Park (pic stolen from Google Images)

Fortunately for me, the surgery slowed Jo Lynn down. Since she hikes faster than I run, I would have had no chance of keeping up with her at her normal hiking pace. (Aren't I a peach? I am grateful the woman was slowed by painful bone surgery. Line to be RBR's friend forms here)


Then a friend of mine from San Diego came up for the weekend to celebrate her grandmother's 98th birthday. I have not seen her in over a year. We have been friends for almost 20 years. She moved to San Diego, had children, and things just change, but this weekend it was nice to reconnect.

RBR and J at Grandma's 98th b-day. Damn, Grandma is not the only one getting older.

The take home message from this weekend for me is that, friendships take work to maintain and I have not been taking care of my friendships. I include my immediate family in this. Sometimes I forget that just because I am thinking about someone, or even talking about how much someone means to me that does not mean that they necessarily know that. I get so wrapped up in the day to day shit that I forget to take care of what really matters.

I am very lucky to have a lot of really incredible people in my life, both in my immediate world and farther away (and some that I barely know that have helped me more than they can imagine). I would not have made it through this year without their support. I want them to know how much they mean to me.

Yeah, yeah, I am in one of those moods, if you have not gotten one already, be expecting some sappy ass emails.


Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

I would like a sappy ass, or even ass sappy email or a comment from ya RBR. I have missed ya! (no, I am not trying to play on your recent i need to work at being a friend trip you are on ;))

Unknown said...

What a wonderful way to spend time with wonderful people.

Hopefully next time I get out that way you'll be able to carve out some time for one of those "walks" with me too! :-)

Christi said...

I get in moods like that sometimes so I think we can forgive ya! ;)

It sounds like you had a great weekend with friends. I spent the weekend with friends in Breckenridge and I have no pictures at all to document the trip. Yep, I was not on my game!

Ewa said...

I've been living in Bay Area it seems like forever and have not been to Little Yosemite. I am totally ashamed.
Seems even the weather cooperated with your wonderful weekend.

Keith said...

I have tweaked my spam filters to pass sappy assed emails. Thank you for reminding me I hadn't met my incoming quota yet. Outgoing greatly exceeded with an actual paper letter to my 90+ granny that doesn't quite believe in the Internet.

Jill said...

Sounds just like the weekend to snap out of the funk??? Hope things are feeling better. I know I get in these woe-is-me moods (right now!) and just is easier to be left alone to wallow. Fresh air and good friends does the trick - I must make the effort. Thanks!!

Q said...

The place you hiked looks beautiful! I feel compelled to click on any post that has a picture of food in the preview.

Aka Alice said...

Sappy ass emails make me smile. Glad you had a good weekend girl, you were due! (not like LA Run Buddy due, but you know...due)

BWAHAHAHAHA...I crack myself up!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Life has a way of sending these little reminders, doesn't it?

TooeleTwins said...

Any possibility that you could electronically send one of those "friend forms?" I would love to be considered for the list of people you ignore unless feeling maudlin, the list of people capable of dropping you on a run or a hike (although I don't think I can fill ANY of the requirements for that list), the list of people that run/hike slowly (much more realistic), or the even the lowly list of people who crack up at almost every one of your posts.

You don't know me by the way, but you DO cause me to laugh hot, sugary beverages all over my computer screen some mornings.

Lindsay said...

Your friend's wording on his stroke is hilarious; a good thing that he realizes the consequences of his actions and I hope he sticks with some of the changes! You would not see me avoiding sweets successfully. Diabetes runs in my family and if it strikes I don't know how I will manage.

As for jolynn, not sure I could be friends with her haha :) too intense!

SteveQ said...

I make a terrible friend. Total phone calls/texts to friends this year: 0 (I think). Thank goodness for email and other web networking, or I'd be living in a cave somewhere.

As you keep telling me: take care of you!

SteveQ said...

You must've visited my blog today just minutes before I posted - there's no way you would have commented on the old stuff and not today's.

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

So, heartfelt wishes, but what I read was: some stuff...some more stuff....other stuff...mushy stuff...PINAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CUPCAKES....more stuff....other stuff stuff....mushy stuff....

PS: Did I mention I love pineapple upside down anything? Mmmmmm. They were my birthcakes growing up. Not that you asked, but there it is.

Also, chances are good I'll be at Rocky for the 50 miler.

Jo Lynn said...

We still need to get that cup of coffee, don't we? I enjoyed spending the time with you. Anytime you want to get out again, let me know. ;)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Now, I'm not saying SteveQ is a terrorist or anything, but I just want to point out that the only difference between him and Osama bin Laden (basing my judgment on his first comment here) is that the latter actually does live in a cave.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

PunkRockRunner said...

Two things.

1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that awesome shirt you’re wearing at Grandma’s birthday party.

2. Had to run with Katie this weekend and she bolted off at the start leaving me to run the half marathon all by myself. Who does that to another human being? Right?

Love ya’


Anonymous said...

I have been feeling sappy lately too! Think it's that time of year. I have to remind myself that I am I never too busy for friends and family :) Glad you had a good weekend reconnecting.

SteveQ said...

Just saw this pic. Not a pretty dog!

Makes me feel better about myself.

SteveQ said...

And now a heavy kitty that looks like I feel today: http://lh3.ggpht.com/_9j8nrD-Yjhw/TN0tfsNDw4I/AAAAAAAAE-A/o6LSjEzRmk8/s1600-h/DSCN2585%5B2%5D.jpg

Cara said...

Just found your blog through You Just Have to Tri and Pedestrian Runner. Been reading for an hour and love it! You have a new fan!!