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brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Tale of Two 10k's: Race Reports - Dirty Legs Quicksilver and Cinderella Trail

I am a little behind so here is a two-fer. Two race reports for the price of one, which is free, so quit yer bitchin' already.

Dirty Legs Quicksilver Trail 10k - August 8, 2010

I planned to run this with Katie A. and PunkRockRunner (Ron). It is the second in the South Valley Endurance Summer Trail Series. The first one was the Dirty Legs Trail Run at Nisene Marks that Katie A. and I ran last month. These are small, inexpensive, very well run, races. I am officially a fan.

When I drove up, the first thing I saw is Ms. Lilly! Ms. Lilly is Katie A.'s dog who is as adorable as a dog can be that is not already my dog Lucy (who, IMHO, is the most adorable dog in all the land).

Katie and Ms. Lilly after the race

Katie, Ron and I decided we would run our own races for this 10k (translation: they dropped me like a used condom about 20 yards into the race)

About 20 yards in to the race, do you see Ron and Katie? No? Neither do I.

The run started with brutal 1 mile/~600ft elevation gain climb, but after that the course was very runnable and since it was not hot, a really beautiful run. I met up with a gal, Jill, that was about my pace and we ran together, chatting it up and enjoying the scenery.

Elevation chart for the race

At about mile 5.5 we came a cross a runner that was down and clearly in pain. He was with one of the course photographers. We asked if they needed anything, but they said help was coming and they were fine.

About half a mile later we saw the "help" in the form of a very unhappy EMT hiking up the steep, single track carrying a 40 pound gear bag and a back board. She was gasping for air and could not even respond to us when we asked her if she needed help. She just immediately handed me the gear bag and Jill the back board, so we took that as a 'yes'. I gave her my water bottle and we started the trek back to the downed runner.

Jill carrying the back board. That sucker was heavy, like hiking with a goddamn surf board. The bag was no picnic either.

We got back to the runner, and after the EMT's evaluation, we got him strapped on the back board and started to haul him out. He was in a lot of pain. Shaking and shocky. After about half a mile he deemed it was way too painful to stay on the board. After more evaluation, the EMT said that his femur was most likely not broken (our best guess based on the pain level and the awkward look of his thigh is that he detached part of his quadricep muscle), so the photographer and the race director acted as crutches and helped him down the trail (Jill, the EMT, and I were WAY too short to do this).

At this point, Jill and I were not needed except to pack the gear bag to the aide station where the EMT's truck was waiting. After dropping off the bag we were able to run the 0.1 miles left to the finish. We actually had been on pace for about 1:25-1:30 prior to all of this, but ended up finishing about 2:30 and covering at total of 7.75 miles.

The other race director, Stacey, was at the finish and was very grateful and sweet. They even gave us medals and free entry to one of their races.

Jill and I, post race (thanks, Ron for the pictures)

Ron and Katie were sweet enough to wait for me even though they had finished long ago. They both won real medals for their age group awards.

The two age group winners and the pity award recipient

Cinderella Trail 10K - August 14, 2010

I had originally planned to do the half marathon at this race, but LA Run Buddy wanted to go with me so we decided to do the 10K. It was held at the Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. I had run here before doing the Woodminster 9 miler and remember it as a tough course, but this was a different part of the park and was very runnable while being just as gorgeous.

Profile for the Cinderella Trail 10K

At mile 4, I felt a familiar pinch.

"FUCKING HELL!! Fucking yellowjacket!!"

Yes, I got stung AGAIN. This time right on my sizeable ass.

Sure, yellowjacket, you chicken shit, take the easy target.

About half a mile later I got stung again, this time by a bee, and frankly, meh. After a yellowjacket sting a bee sting is hardly worth mentioning, but it still ellicted another 'FUCKING HELL!' outburst on the trail.

Rosie, trail dog extraordinare. Too damn cute to not snap a photo of, but as you can tell she was not super thrilled about her photo op.

After that the run was pretty uneventful. I could tell my sting was starting to swell, and get hot. Since I have had quite a few yellowjacket stings at this point I react pretty strongly anymore, so I am back on the Benadryl which turns me into a semi-conscious drooling idiot for most of the day. And half of my ass looks like I was a very, very bad girl. (Leave it, G. Too easy, even for you)

The return loop was much more technical than the way out and LA Run Buddy who will never be mistaken for a nature girl, was a wee bit unhappy and made me promise we would go get pancakes after the run. Ouch, ouch, twist my arm. Ok, pancakes it is!

LA Run Buddy and I back at the car headed out for pancakes!


Unknown said...

I think it is AWESOME that you helped the EMT take care of the downed runner. You DESERVED the medal.

I hope that yellow jacket died a painful death after stinging you.

Pahla said...

Two for one pictures of adorable dogs! What a wonderful display of sportsmanship, helping the downed runner. You are awesome!!

Anne said...

Why am I not surprised that you would help the EMT make it to the downed runner...your awesomeness is showing once again :)

Does anyone else get stung by yellow jackets so often on trail runs? Hope you feel better quickly.

Kate Geisen said...

I am reading way too many blogs from people in the Western US with cool places to run. I'm getting serious trail envy. Then I see your yellow jacket report and am grateful (well, not grateful exactly) that all I usually have to contend with are mosquitos.

Nice job on the medical assist. You guys DO rock. Wonder how many people let that lady keep huffing up the trail on her lonesome.

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

What the hell, man? Is your husband smearing honey on your ass before you go running? I haven't been stung by a bee since I sat on one when I was 10, and you get it twice in one day? Are you sure you weren't doing something like the Bee Skep 10k?

S. Baboo said...

What is it with all our unfit saftey and emergency workers today?! Good thing you and Jill were there.

Do not bring your bees to our Rio Del Largo party, they can stay home.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

I want to run all my trail runs with you. Not only could you give me a lecture on every plant, animal or bug on the trail - but you would save my ass if needed! Great reports!

Aka Alice said...

Bees love you cuz you're so sweeeeeeeet ;-)

That being said, I'm still not sold on the whole trail-running thing. Those elevations are brutal!

Jo Lynn said...

Some day it may be me or you needing an EMT so it was a good thing you helped out. Oh wait! I have needed help from an EMT. HA!
See you Saturday. ;)

Diana said...

Way to help out! Most losers just pass 'em by! Well deserved medal.
Now to just figure out why all the bees in the world go looking for RBR!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I am a little behind ...

Pfffttt! You WISH! I've seen pix of that thing and it's FAR from LITTLE ...

Oops! My bad! I thought you said "I have a little behind ..."


But that's what you get for making fun of my flat Irish @$$ on SteveQ's blog!

Now to read the rest of this post.


Julie said...

No way to follow up G so I will just say great races and good job on stopping to help the injured runner! I just read a race report that talked about a hurt rider in a tri here and how all the other races just passed him by as he stood with blood pouring off him. Thank goodness there are good people out there!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

(... they dropped me like a used condom about 20 yards into the race) ...

Wow! They lasted a whole 20 yards? What are they - PORN STARS!1!?!1???

(Told you my flat Irish @$$'d be back.)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

And half of my ass looks like I was a very, very bad girl. (Leave it, G. Too easy, even for you)

You're not the boss of me, Chief Half-Big @$$!

But, since I already took a shot at yer @$$ (take that any way you want, other commenters!), I decided, on my own, to let this go.

Also because you stopped to help a fellow runner who was injured, which I think a lot of people wouldn't do. Especially not the fast runners. Takes slooooow luuuzers like us to make good Samaritans.

Man, not to harp on the more salacious parts of this post but ... I can't believe Katie and Ron lasted a WHOLE 20 YARDS!

What kind of numbing lotion did they use?

I hope a yellowjacket never goes for MY biggest target because then everyone would be all, "Did a yellow jacket just fellate you are are you just happy to see me?" and I'd be all, "Hey, why can't it be both?"

ZOMG!1! I am such a PIG!1! (A flying pig, to be exact.)

O, and I meant to say, after those @$$ comments:


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

...you are are you just happy to see me?

Uh ... one of those "are"s in my previous comment? Should probably be an "or". I'm gonna say the fist one.

Inadvertent self-KERTWANG!1!

Christi said...

Kudos for helping the EMT!! That deserves more thanks a medal and a free race entry! So I will give you a long distance pat on the back!

Congrats on some great races as well! I always love your recounting of them!

TooeleTwins said...

Pity medal, my ass. You deserved it AND the free entry to another race!

And, speaking of asses.... WTH? Who gets stung on the ass?

SteveQ said...

So guys are now intentionally injuring themselves just to be in your care. I see how it is. I got a boo-boo for you to kiss too (and yes, "boo-boo" means exactly what you think).

I think "Dirty Legs Quicksilver and Cinderella Trail" was a western movie I saw when I was about 11 (something about getting shot in the ass in that film, as I recall).

No, I don't see Ron or Katie in that photo, but neither do I see a used condom (known as a peke choker here, as dog walkers have to make sure their charges don't swallow everything they see - and, yes, pekes swallow, not spit).

You are now WAY ahead of me in races this year. Did we swap blog titles? I run, then I bitch, then I run again.

Deb said...

So you're one of those kind, considerate runners, huh? The type that ...um...lends a helping hand to those in need? What is WRONG with you? That runner was clearly just enjoying a little down time, becoming one with nature. But then YOU come on the scene and muck it all up for him. Next thing he knows, he's being painfully hauled down the hill against his will by a band of lawless do-gooders.

No wonder you got stung on the ass.

Katie A. said...

Great post! Droped you like 3rd period French is more like it! Hahahaha! You're such a little do-gooder, too!

I can't believe you got stung! Twice! I'm so sorry! Sounds like you had a blast with LA RB - you two are too cute!
Miss ya! Sending a big hug your way!

Lindsay said...

I want to be your friend! Seriously... you are just the coolest person ever. So many people would have their head up their ass instead of sacrificing their run. Also cool for the race organizers to hook you up! Hope there is another gem of a race soon.

Not sure what to say about race #2, I got distracted by all 84579of G's comments.

How's hubs doing?

SteveQ said...

Benadryl turns you into a semi-conscious drooling idiot? You mean it puts you on the level of sophomore AP science students? They say the average teacher shells out $500 for classroom supplies - how much Benadryl is that?

Lauren said...

Did you just brag about your hot, swollen ass? Way to be humble.

I probably would have stopped to help the EMT, but only so I'd have an excuse for the poor race time. I'm assuming you did it because you're nice, so kudos (on either actually being nice or just fooling us all).

Formulaic said...

Are you trying for the mother Teresa award? Is there any one out there you won't help? (I could use a few $$$)

And exactly what were you doing to get your ass stung? I've heard of people wiping with poison ivy but using a nest as tissue? That's hard CORE!!

PunkRockRunner said...

First, I am in that photo (in the blue shirt) behind the guy in the camelback & white shirt so I think it’s important we channel our pace envy onto that Katie girl. It hardly seems fair that someone so sweet could be so fast. Having said this, I was just jazzed to have a nice person hang out with us for a change (we can be such bitches).

You still owe me $10.00 for tripping that guy so you would have an excuse for not winning. I really hope you sell that free entry and apply it to his deductable.

Nice race reports Queen Bee….


Regina said...

Detached part of his quadricep muscle?! Whaaaaaaat?! That's just crazy. Seriously, that shit should not be allowed to happen. That gives me the freakin' chills here and it is like 89˚F with a freakin' heat index of like, ridiculous!

Still though, saint award for helping out (or demon award for taking the easy way out ;P).

yellow jacket stings on your ass? THAT I would pay money to see.

C said...

Jeez-ass! You apparently have a lot of bad karma stored up if after helping the EMT in one race you end up as a target for bees in the next. Sucks to be you. But at least you got a nice hot booty out of it. ;)

The Original MAJ said...

You have the BEST race report pictures!!!!

Jill said...

Damn, those yellowjackets are attracted to you...so sorry! Love your race reports, always so full of energy :). Congrats on both!!

Beckey said...

I've been digging your elevation charts. Do you use miCoach? What do you think about it?

NY Wolve said...

Very entertaining, and very considerate tp help the downed runner! I haven't been stung in a jillion years, and can't imagine that,

SteveQ said...

Oh, I know your upset that I'm pulling the plug on my blog, but there will be adventures left to recount - the Minnesota State Fair food-on-a-stick orgy is only a week away!

SteveQ said...

joyRuN pulled the plug on her blog! Xenia's taking a break to write her dissertation. Glaven's on vacation (and his blog now requires his approval for comments to appear- can you imagine the Glaven seal of approval?). And I announced my retirement.

Looks like it's up to you to save the blogosphere, RBR!

SteveQ said...

Oh, I forgot that CA starts school earlier than MN (gotta get those crops harvested, dontcha know).

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Comment moderation is off now. (I'm talking 'bout MY blog. FUCK YOURS!)

And joyRuN left before I could say bye-bye!

Our Little Xenia's off becoming uh Ark-key-oll-a-jist (hope she backed that career choice up with something practical, like a minor in Art History ... you know, just in case all those ads in the Sunday paper saying "Archaeologists Wanted - WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR!1! Must Have Own Thong! Experience Riding Poles a PLUS!1!" don't pan out).

I get all my blogospheric news by coming here and reading SteveQ's breathless commentary. Does he even leave when you turn out the lights at night?

Unknown said...

Congratulation, you guys are doing good, nice run there. I love the pictures so cool, it capture every moment of the race. Nice!!!