"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Race Report: Nitro Trail 1/2 Marathon - June 5, 2010

Saturday - Nitro Trail 1/2 Marathon: Point Pinole Regional Shoreline

Total amount run:
13.1 miles
Total amount of time: 2:50:26
Total amount of fun: Immeasurable! I had a blast!

Jo Lynn and I planned to do this race about a month ago. I have been quiet about my race plans these days, not because I am hiding from anyone, but because I have had so many DNS's in the last 10 months (4 to be exact) that I am not confident I will do anything until my ass actually shows up at the race.

Well, I sure am glad I showed up to this one. It was a great run. Most of the day was girl talk between Jo Lynn and I, so sorry, it won't be on broadcast on the ol' bloggy, but we had a great day.

We decided over coffee in the car that if there was a Age Group Award for 'Cutest Couple over 40' we totally had it in the bag. Surprisingly upon finishing, still adorable mind you, we received no such medal. Sad, really.

I also got to see my buddy PunkRockRunner (who, in his infinite sweetness, still speaks to me after I bailed on him for a 10 miler a few months back) He is too fast for me, but we got to hang out before the race and then he waited around (for a long ass time, I might add. Damn fast people) for us to finish.

The run is billed as a "trail" run, but it is really pretty flat and there was a quite a bit of paved bike trail. This was not a problem for runs-her-lazy-ass-on-flat-trails-ALL-the-time me, but Jo Lynn, who is a true trail runner, was a little over it.

It was pretty. Not breathtaking, but pretty.

The race is a looped course. You did one little bitty loop around a Eucalyptus grove and then 2 loops of the park. It was a pretty park, there was a cool breeze off the bay, so it never got too hot. The trail it self was nice. It was not weaken-your-knees-Dear-God-I can die-now-this-is-so-amazing, but it was a nice trail.

We started to get a little punchy on the second loop and started to look for ways to entertain ourselves.

If you work at it, you too can get just this hardcore.

"The hillllllllls are alive, with the sound of muuuuuuuusic!!!"- Jo Lynn

Post Race: Jo Lynn, PunkRockRunner, and moi. Yes, if you are curious, I cropped the holy hell out of this. It was in direct violation of the RBR spandex photo laws. We take that shit seriously around here.

Sunday Ride with LA Run Buddy - 35 miles, 1978' of climb

We are trying to get back into climbing more. I forgot to turn on the Garmin until about 5.5 miles into the ride, but I got the vast majority of the climb.

The profile for today

That is Mt. Eden flippin' us the bird.

Good ride. No crazy climb, but it is a start. I only had one prednisone induced, low blood glucose incident, and in my opinion, that asshole in the Audi deserved what he got, so fuck him.


juliavdw said...

Lovely! Your tree photo totally reminds me of those little clip-on koalas... you know the ones...

And the last sentence totally made me cackle out loud. Loudly.

Carolina John said...

hard core indeed! Rock on girl.

Diana said...

Nice job! I take it the prednisone is working well on them airways!
Sounds like a fun time for sure and that makes for a great race.
Love the pics-I may never watch "Sound of Music" the same again!

Unknown said...

congratulation on the trail run!! woot!

Jo Lynn said...

Thank you RBR, for dragging my ass all those long, flat miles. I'm no worse for the wear today. See you in a couple weeks! ;)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey what would the Cutest Couple Over 40 award look like? I propose: The Shape of a shaking fist inscribed with the words:

"Get Off My Lawn, You Kids!"

Hahahahahaha! THAT old and overused joke NEVER gets old and overused! (Except when someone else uses it.)

Hey, guess what I found out, B*tch? If you take the pic of you in the tree and rotate it 90 degrees counter-clockwise in Fireworks? Makes it look like you're humpin' that big ol' trunk!

Man, now I got something to POST about ...

For the right amount of unmarked cash, I could turn that limb into SteveQ for you ...

Just saying. The man owns a cupboard! A CUPBOARD, B*tch!1!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, um, yeah ... good job on the half marry, too.

Does LA Run Buddy know you have a new Best Lesbian Friend? How long till you and your NBLF end up in each other's clothes?

I am NOT judging you! I am just asking that the next-day post be more graphic than that last one with LA Run Buddy, which left EVERYTHING to the imagination.

Having to use your imagination SUCKS!1!

Tricia said...

great pics!

Southbaygirl said...

I should have come up and run this race with you guys! I had an epic failure of racing this weekend!!!

But I have signed up for PCTR Angel island...yeah baby, your skinny ass better be out there with us huffing it up some hills!!!!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Are there any trees to hang from during the SF marathon? RBR stay away from the cables supporting Golden Gate bridge - I am sure will be a sign entering the Bridge.

Lindsay said...

love the pics, and the captions, as always :) i definitely thought of koala bears too - especially with the eucalyptus trees. although now that i think of it i don't know if those 2 are even associated at all.

glad you seem to be enjoying your workouts!

PunkRockRunner said...

I'll have you know that our "flat" trail run on Saturday included 1,650 feet of ascent.

Always a pleasure seeing you my friend.

All the best,


SteveQ said...

Just discovered my Blogger troubles now include both versions of edited comments to get published.

What did you DO to that guy in the Audi, anyway?

Aron said...

sounds like SUCH a fun day!!!!

SteveQ said...

btw, I only called one former girlfriend "evil." I just looked her up. She lives about 10 minutes from you. She now looks like her mother (who was edging 300 lbs the last time I saw her). She's a pathologist, which means she'd be able to cover up her evil pretty well, hire a hitman, claim the bullets were lead poisoning.

Regina said...

Trust me, those photos are absolutely bucolic compared to where I run. think honking taxis, smog, tall buildings....

BTW, I had that song from your student's video in my head for the whole bike ride in Sunday's race. I even sang it out loud and linked it on my RR. I was cursing you the whole time! Tell me what you did to the Audi....I need to get you back ;)

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Nice run. Glad you had fun.

Katie A. said...

I'm very jealous you two ladies got to run together!!! I love running with JoLynn - maybe I can tag along next time :)
Nice job on the bike, too!

SteveQ said...

And I STILL have "Build Me Up, Buttercup" stuck in my head from the last post. Thanks!

Tasha said...

Great job on your run! You are my hero for having enough strength during a half marathon to hang from a tree! Too funny!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Unlike SteveQ, I am TOTALLY over "Build Me Up, Buttercup".

But that pic of you humping that tree?



I AM SUCH A PIG!1!!1!!

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

Spandex is worth taking seriously. I often tie a shirt around my waste to that it hangs strategically in front of my belly-ness. Somehow, I feel better that way. Good job - was it hot? I didn't see anything about temperatures and was wondering if it's as unforgiveably hot there as it is here.

Psyche said...

Love the tree picture- I am inspired to re-create that look on the AT tomorrow:)

Punk Rock Runner has a look on his face like "you guys are caraaaazy, man!" Ha ha!