"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Jolynn, I have to tell you something....

I cheated with your trail. I ran at Garin last Sunday.

I am so sorry, but what did you expect? You post your beautiful pictures and tell your wonderful stories... I mean, it puts ideas in a girl's head.

Here I am in a stale relationship with the Los Gatos Creek bike trail and you are so in love. Sure, I have had my dalliances at Baylands, but even he couldn't hold my attention anymore.

So I took your trail. And if I am really honest with you, he didn't put up much of a fight. Sorry, but I feel you should know the truth.

Garin is a player. Plain and simple. And I don't think I am the first time he has strayed. But, damn, he was good!

I am just sayin'...

My run at Garin

I needed to do a 2 1/2 hour run on the Sunday after the Cinderella Century and I have been feeling the need to just run somewhere pretty and new, so I made the 35 minute trek up to the East Bay to Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park.

What better way to recover after a century than a 10.5 mile trail run with 2100 ft of climb! Ok, probably not my wisest idea, but I had a BLAST!

Well, my spirit and psyche had a blast. My quads and hamstrings? Not so much.

Elevation for the "easy 2:25 run" that was on my training schedule for Sunday. Oops.

Entry to the park. There were two coots on this pretty pond, but the little suckers took off before I could photograph them.

Pretty single track start

Then wide open vistas (Yes, I am aware the sky is blown in all of my pictures. My bad)

I went through a gate, across a creek, up a hill...

And then I ran into this guy. He looked pretty shocked to see me, and I was worried I had ventured onto private land so I back tracked.

The REAL reason I came out here. I loves me some cows!

Do I look like I am working hard? 'Cuz I freaking am!

Top of the big climb. More cows chillin'.

I love the cows prints all around this bench. I just imagine them sitting their big, bovine asses on this bench catching the view!

This is the closest I have ever been to a turkey vulture! So cool!

After a pretty brutal downhill that my quads are still pissed at me for, I ran out of water (didn't wear the Camelbak. Stupid! My ever faithful bike trail has water fountains. When you run on the wild side you have to fend for yourself. Maybe karma for my little running indiscretion?) so I did what any good, bad girl would do. I hopped the fence out of the park and into someone's yard and used their hose. (I tried to knock first and asked the neighbor I saw walking his dog. I am not THAT much of a bad girl)

Then it was back on the single track to my car.

Side note: I will have you know, trail blazer Tracy and smug mug Mr. Willie, that I was only equipped with a shitty trail map that did not seem to match ANYTHING I saw and I did not get lost! Ha! I am getting better at this!

The run back wound (winded? Whatever) through a forest on a single track that has several of these tiny ass bridges.


The bridge is a little narrower than the length of my arm! I know I have broad shoulders, but DAMN I had to walk over it with my arms in the air. But this was not nearly as distressing as the fact it was only a tiny bit wider than my ass!

A skill NO ONE hoped I would acquire, the ass self-portrait!
There was a previous version of this picture that was deleted IMMEDIATELY. *shudder*

I reached a big pretty rock that I had forced my self to not stop touch on the way out (I have a problem with having to touch weird things. I don't know why. I am weird)
This time by I gave it a hug. I am not good at denying myself stuff. The obsession tends to escalate like this.

All in all a great therapeutic run. I was pretty beat at the end.

So, Jolynn, again I am sorry, but I am sure you understand why I did it.

Hell, maybe next time we can do him together. *wink*

What? too far?

My bad. It must be the Spring Break talking! Woo hoo!!


Jo Lynn said...

O M F G! Girl! What the hell were you doing in MY park? More importantly, why were you without me? I wish you would have allerted me, however, I was working that day. Funny thing though, Boomer was out there that morning (8:15 to 11ish) with my nextdoor neighbor, along with his daughter and their doggie.
I'm glad you liked Garin. It would have been nice to see the two of you enjoying each other, I might add. ;) I'm kind of sick that way. LOL

Willie said...

I wonder what cows talk about when they are sitting on that bench.

Glad you enjoyed your little indiscretion. I'm sure the other trail will be OK with it, hell he'd probably like to watch next time.

Smug Mug???? Really?

Unknown said...

You made me laugh out loud (literally) which I desperately needed today.

Of course, now I'm jealous of both you and Jolynn. When do I get MY turn with that beautiful trail?!?!?

Diana said...

Impressive self ass pic! Love the report and I too have to wonder what the cows think about-I'm thinking they are there some doobies!

Lisa said...

What a great trail! I can't explore trails down here in SoCal anymore because it is officially rattlesnake season and I'm a big baby.

I loved your description and your pictures!

Kelly said...

OMG!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your posts!!!!!!!!!!! You make me almost pee my pants a little. On a side note...I love cows too!!!

Trigirlorlando said...

:) Fantastic Blog!!! Thank you so much for visiting mine!! I may never view a cow along any trail the same again :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I want your beautiful trails!!! Great run and pics...btw, you are looking fabulous!!

Wanted to wish you luck with Big Sur coming soon. I'm sad I was a slug this winter and won't be doing it - would still love to meet you some day :(

René said...

Wow, you ran THAT after the Cinderella Century?! Whew, I don't feel so crazy now.

Lily on the Road said...

Thanks for the great laugh and pic's...I'm laughing at Willie, about the FarSide cow comment, hmmm, wonder what they WERE talking about? LOL

StephB said...

I'm still smiling about the bovine asses sitting on the bench. : ) great run

Southbaygirl said...

Wow that was a bit of an indiscretion....hmmm I wonder how I would feel if someone ran and blogged about my beloved Ocean trails! But you had fun and you saw cows!!

Missy said...

Between you and JoLynn, I'm going to have to fly out there and see these dayum trails for myself! Always just great pix.

Go Mom Go said...

I just love reading your blog. You always make my day.


Herself, the GeekGirl said...

Ah, you tramp, you. Running on every trail that wags its pretty grass at you. If your kids' parents knew about your philanderin'...

Jessica said...

Hey there! Been reading your blog for a while. If I recall, you did skyline to seashore last year, correct? I am doing it on the 26th and just wondered if you had any thoughts/insights? Thanks so much for your help!

Anonymous said...

You are a great writer! Your post made me laugh!

Aron said...

lol love this post :) looks like an amazing and beautiful run!

Aka Alice said...

GAWD..you're a tramp! hahahahahaha

Are you sure you're a biology teacher? The English department needs you...You just crack my fat-cow-ass up.

Have a great week...do some more hookin' up...

ShirleyPerly said...

Man, I really wish I had some trails to run on after my bike rides. Those stairs and hills, though, I could do without!

But that bench shot made me laugh as did the turkey vulture. The latter I hope never to see really close to me as that would mean I'm dead, no?

Great job on your post-century run!!

Lindsay said...

i only wish my blogging skills were remotely close to yours! looks like another great, scenic run and who can complain about a little indiscretion ;) we can't limit ourselves to one trail!

Formulaic said...

In today's modern day lifestyle a woman can't be expected to "limit" herself to just one trail!

I mean think about womyn's lib. You are pratically required to 'see what's on the other side'.

You are a pioneer! A trail slut! (in the best possible way)

Stand tall, run fast and pound the hell out of the hills!

(The new camera is doing a great job, love the pics)

Victoria said...

Ooh girl, it's time to stop being so vanilla! Garin is just the doorway to "Where-did-you-learn-THAT?" kind of runs...

Especially right now-- hills are green and covered with wildflowers! Sunol, Las Trampas, Mission Peak, and if you come farther north, Redwood, Huckleberry/Sibley, Tilden, Joaquin Miller, Briones Park and Reservoir-- the list goes on!

Welcome to the dark side. (Remember your safe word.)

Seriously-- your blog is hilarious.

JenZen said...

PUHAHAHA - that bridge is crazy narrow!! There's no way my German bred birthin' hips would fit across it!!! Holy Cow!! But, Wow - that trail run looks GORGEOUS!!!!

Tina Mickelson said...

I so need to come down and run with you here. sorry I have a little ass and I many not fit through those bridges. TINY! What the heck? So When I come to the bay I'll hit you up for a little run since I love love love the cows too.

Anonymous said...

I needed this! I miss my lovely Bay Area and I did not even have to read where you were. I looked at these pics and I knew you were somewhere like Page Mill Road, Rancho San Antonio, etc. but you were on the other side of the Bay. It is all very beautiful regardless which side of 101 you are on.