"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am deathly allergic to Susanville. Yeah, that's it.

Well, that didn't go so well.

Goal time: 5 hours (pipe dream really)

Plan B Goal time: 5:15 (more realistic before I actually started running)

Plan C goal time: 5:30 (more realistic after I dealt with the second asthma attack)

Actual time: ~ 6:20 (~ = I stopped caring after the sixth administration of my rescue inhaler, aching lungs, and feeling like I had been punched in the ribs for 21 miles. Time to face facts and walk it in)

At nine am, when we started the race, it was 22 degrees Fahrenheit. What is it with me and the temperature extreme/bad weather juju?

For those of you that do not have asthma, the rapid intake of subfreezing air into the lungs, repeatedly, as one does when running, is a pretty surefire way to trigger an asthma attack. Or five.

By mile 3, I was whistling on exhale (not good) and I used my inhaler for the second time of the day. I decided if I kept whistling on exhale I was going to bag it. This is not worth getting hurt over.

But that part got better and I pressed on. I still felt like I had a vice grip on my chest and was expending WAY too much energy to move WAY too little air. I knew it wouldn't last but at this point I had to finish the distance anyway so the longer I could run the less time it would take. At mile 20 I sent my running partner on her way and I limped out another 2 miles before deciding I was being stubborn and possibly risking damage. Time to call it a day.

Also at mile 20 it was still bloody cold and I started stealing abandoned clothing along the side of the trail. It was really cold! Don't judge me!

What are the odds that I would run into the owner of the shirt I purloined?! Christ! I AM jinxed.

His name is Ed. He is a veteran marathoner that did the early start (7:30 am) and hoped to be done in time to watch the football games. Unfortunately, he hurt his knee at mile 12 and was walking it in. Like I said, the point of no return on a point to point trail marathon occurs pretty early.

Pictures: What I was wearing BEFORE shopping at "The Bizz Johnson Trail Boutique". Ed and I at the finish. I am wearing HIS Surf City 1/2 Marathon shirt and a sweatshirt discarded by a MUCH smaller woman than I.

Ed and I had LOTS of time to get acquainted since were were walking 4 miles together. He told me to keep the shirt, so I did. I got to meet his wife at the finish, she was gorgeous and grateful he had someone to walk with for a while. She cracked up at the shirt story.

When I first met up with Ed and realized that I was wearing his shirt he was under the mistaken impression that I was going to keep running, he said "just be sure when you get to the finish to tell my wife how you go it". I said, not to worry, that I would tell her "Hey, he was already dead when I took the shirt. It isn't like I killed him." That cracked us up. We were a little punchy.

It was a beautiful trail and a very well run race, but a rough day.


The Original MAJ said...

What fantastic pictures.

Interestingly, I haven't run a run of marathon distance or greater in anything less than 6 hours plus. I usually get waylayed *sp?* by my own set of incessant health issues.

But you had a great time and the scenery was awesome and I think you did fantastic given the inhaler b.s.

Lindy said...

I know this wasn't an ideal race for you, but what counts is you "weathered" through it, and that's IMPORTANT! Plus hearing about your Bizz Johnson Boutique purchases is too funny!!! Congrats on another race well run, considering the circumstances. Sooner or later, we will all get a perfect weather ace, won't we?

WON'T WE?????

Anonymous said...

Hey, you went out there and did what you had to do - you did great!! I would never judge you for stealing clothes ;-)

Glad you made a friend to share some laughs with along the way.

JenZen said...

What a GORGEOUS run!! 22 degrees??? REALLY??? wow. LMAO at the whole shirt story! Way to be resourceful! At least you met a friend and have a GREAT story to tell out of the whole thing.

Julianne said...

Sounds like a tough race but you finished! Good job on pushing through. Your shirt story is really hilarious. I have had thoughts of picking up discarded clothing during a race, too. But for the most part, it wasn't because I was cold... I thought they were cute. But I was too lazy and tired to carry them through the race. I know, I have issues!!

Southbaygirl said...

I feel your pain. I have asthma-but mine seems to really bother me when it gets hot and the santa ana's are blowing....I never see cold like that!! I've felt that vice-grip and not being able to breathe-scares the shit out of me and my races usually fall to shit as well!!!! So i truly understand!!

We can't all have perfect races-or at least I keep telling myself that because I had a shitty race yesterday as well! Nothing clicked for me yesterday-oh well....what can you do. At least you got to walk in with someone and have a very funny story about shopping on the trails!! Seriously what are the chances of running into the person who's shirt you "bought" very funny!!!!

You finished!!! Ultimately that's what matters!!!! I tried to channel a Kenyan yesterday-but it just didn't happen!

Tater said...

OMG I totally understand. I have asthma too and the cold will trigger it quicker than almost anything. Luckily we don't have as much cold weather down here as you do but I noticed the other morning it was in the 60's and that was cool enough to make me do the lovely asthmatic bark. So will have to figure out what I am going to do over winter. May have to get me a balaclava (sp)or buff and try to run with that over my mouth to warm the air a bit.

LOL at shirt story too. Although I am usually shedding clothes along the route. Once last year I managed to remove my long sleeve dri-fit shirt from underneath a Tshirt without flashing any of my wobbly bits - now that was a major feat! :o)

Calyx Meredith said...

Asthma sucks! (So does running when it's 22 degrees even without asthma - you are one tough chica!) What did you do in a past life to deserve the weather extremes, that's what I'd like to know. I love that you kept your sense of humor through it though.

Stef0115 said...

Dude. Now I'm back to thinking that if I DO run a marathon, I want it to be on a beautiful trail.

Great shots! But in that cold, yikes girl you are one tough chick! You guys look happy at the end though. Cause you're glad to be done? Nice clothes! ;-)

Jane said...

That's funny that you borrowed clothes that others put aside - that's smart thinking! What are those things around your necks? the medals? neat.

Maybe you were slower than planned because you've been doing marathon after marathon? Take it easy, girl. I hurt my knee doing that.

ShirleyPerly said...

What beautiful North Cali scenery! But those temperatures, OMG!!! I don't know how you even got out of your car in what you were wearing in that one photo before you went "shopping." Hell, I'd be wearing so much clothing no one would ever recognize me. Way to tough out a tough day!!

Tina Mickelson said...

It looks beautiful. The little man is feeling a bit better today so speedwork is on the books for tonight. I did the 10K program through fleet feet and had 2 speedworks a week for 10 weeks. I think that helped up my speed the most.

Let me know if you want to do the susanville race next year. I'm in!

Formulaic said...

Great Pics!

I can't believe how cold it was and you did it!

Way to go. and a great story to boot.

K said...

You did great. So what if it took you longer than you planned? F*&k it! You finished. Good job!

Lou said...

Don't get me started on extreme temperatures and marathons ;).

You're awesome! Way to finish despite rough conditions. And, yes... one of these days we should all plan to meet up and run a freaking race together. MM and I have many times considered running Big Sur... you know, when I'm ready for real hillz.

Aka Alice said...

LMAO at the shirt story...LOVE IT...

Sorry you had a less-than-stellar marathon experience, but you hung in there...and made a friend...and made us laugh with your stories...isn't that the important part (yes, it's all about entertaining us, isn't it?)