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brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Race Report: Mermaid Fremont Sprint Triathlon

Race Report: Mermaid Sprint Triathlon, Fremont , CA. June 14, 2008 (Finish 1:21:15) Swim: 400 meters, Bike: 11 miles, Run: 2.5 miles
Not too shabby.

I signed up for this months ago when I first started the triathlon clinic with the mean girls. It is a women's triathlon and I thought it looked fun. I was right. It was a blast! Soooooo doing this one next year. Picture cool race schwag! Cotton bag, t-shirt (ugly color on me, but cute shirt nonetheless), finishers charm necklace/medal (shape of a mermaid tail and it says "Mermaid athlete" on it. Very cool!)

My run buddy decided last minute to do it as well, so the RBR girls geared up and headed out to Fremont! Picture Pre-race ham shot!

The Swim (400 m, 13:56)

Well, I wasn't fast by anyone's standards, but I am significantly more comfortable during the swim. My sighting is still ridiculously bad and there was one hyper vigilant canoe lifeguard that kept screaming "You are going off course!" every time I took so much as 2 strokes away from the most direct route to the next buoy. At one point I just put my head down and swam and I ended up almost hitting his canoe. He must have been having a stroke that I couldn't hear him. When I finally popped my head up and saw where I was I said, "Hey, am I off course?" He probably thought I was a smart ass, but he laughed.

I found my stride about 300 meters in, unfortunately that doesn't not help me much when I only have 100 meters left in the swim leg. Whatever. I was not last out of the water, so we will count it as a win.

T1 (no time? I don't know why. No one has a T1 time)

When you got out of the swim you have to run up a really steep, grass hill. Most people walked up, but I ran it. I AM a runner after all. Plus, I am out of the swim, so I am happy. Yipee!

The Bike (11 miles completely flat, 39:46, 16.6 mph ave.)

You did three loops on city streets that were not closed, but did have traffic control so you did not have to stop with one short section on a narrow bike trail. There were a lot of mountain bikes and new triathletes on a narrow course. It made it tough to navigate and get any real speed up. I was hoping for a little faster, but I pushed hard and I am happy with it.

T2 (1:48)

Meh. Okay.

The Run (2.5 miles, 25:44, 10:18 min/mile)

My legs felt like lead for the entire run. I thought, for sure, I was running 11:30-12 minute miles. The last 500 yards was on the beach in loose sand. Running in loose sand su-uucks! It is not sexy and pretty like on Baywatch. It just sucks.

Total time: 1:21:15 I am happy with that I wanted to do it in under 1:30 and I did.

My run buddy had a great time as well. She finished in 1:43:03. We will definitely be back next year! Pictures run buddy coming in to the finish (unhappy about sand) Run buddy with post race schwag (It is a CRIME to be this cute right after doing a triathlon!)


vmigirl said...

Congrats on finishing the triathalon under your goal time! Thanks for the description and the pics. It sounded wonderful!

Best regards! vmigirl

Jane said...

I want to do a race where I can get
Mermaid schwag!!

Your legs felt like lead because you did a freakin marathon recently! Make sure you don't overdo it because this is how I hurt my knee this spring by being too enthusiastic about running.

Yeah, your friend looks too cute and not tired enough! I usually look sweaty and greasy.

Willie said...

You a smart ass? Can't even imagine that! You have become such a great athelete. I love to hear about your races. Keep up the inspiration.

What crazy person thought ending a race on the beach would be a "good" idea? Sicko!

E said...

Awesome job! Love the schwag!

Calyx Meredith said...

I want mermaid schwag too!! Don't know that I can justify travelling across country for a sprint tri though. :D

Yay RBR and RunBuddy! GREAT pics (as usual!)

Stef0115 said...

How FUN, I want that mermaid stuff too! Great time overall, so glad you guys had fun!

ShirleyPerly said...

Woohoo, another great race!! I loved that part about running in sand not looking sexy and pretty like Baywatch.

Congrats to both you and your buddy. Indeed, she looks like she just came back from shopping or something, not doing a tri!

Erin Leigh said...

Yeah, how does she manage to look that good? I did a 5K yesterday and looked like a tomato with legs for half the day.

Sounds like a great race. Don't think I would have liked the sand either!!

Lou said...

Your race reports really get me pumped up! Not that it's always about me... but...

I recommended your blog to a woman I met in a beginnertriathlete.com forums because she was in search of inspiration. I wrote, "Read RBR." For real. True story.

Congrats on a great race!