"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weekday Brick

Bike 18 miles Run 2 miles

This is the first brick that has been on my schedule since I started training with my coach. I think it is a little brutal that it is 3 days after my first triathlon of the year, but I did it anyway. I had to move some things around this week because I am going to San Diego for my friend's graduation from graduate school this weekend and Friday and Saturday are going to be tough to get a workout in. So I rode 17.6 miles yesterday and then went to my pre-masters class and swam 1500 yards, then the brick today makes four workouts in 2 days.

I have 10 days until the San Diego Marathon. I am nervous but excited. It is going to be a tougher course and hotter than Napa so hopefully I don't suffer too much.


Ugh. It was supposed to get better after May 14th. Didn't happen and won't happen until June 14th. This is for a myriad of reasons:

1. I decided (last minute, mind you) that I wanted to do this cool bacterial unknown project for my AP biology class. It involves A TON a planning and preparation and a decent amount of money. I have a parent that offered to donate the funding, so I have been killing myself trying to get the materials together to make it happen.

2. My masters professor decided that in addition to this HUGE project he gave me (examination and ID of literally a couple hundred parasitology samples dating back as far as 1971, reorganizing the entire parasitology section of the pathogenic microbiology teaching lab AND his research lab, cataloging of all these samples and creation of a set of unknown parasite samples for teaching purposes. I could go on and on. He did. The project will never end) Anyhoo, in addition to all this he wants me to do I need to take a parasitology final exam.

By Monday.

This Monday.


He told me yesterday, and said, "Don't worry, it is at your convenience, of course. As long as it is done by Monday." Thanks Doc, I will just squeeze it in between my full time job and the Mission Impossible project you asked me to do. No worries.

3. It is time for all of the end of the year crap that teachers have to do. This is when administrators decide that you haven't done enough to prove that you are teaching the students. So instead of actually, I don't know, watching me teach, they ask for reports and data about student progress. So on top of everything else. I have to make some shit up. Shit that will be put into a file and will collect dust on the shelves of my principal's office. The same principal that is retiring and whose successor will no doubt throw all this bullshit away.


Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

The athlete in you will find a way to accomplish all that needs to be done. It sucks though! Good Luck!

Willie said...

Do I want to know what you do with the brick? If it has anything to do with swimming then YOU'RE INSANE! Don't you know that you can't breathe underwater? Bricks don't float the last time I checked. Impressive, really impressive.

S. Baboo said...

I was just looking at yor post a little while back where you said you were going to do an Ironman in 2009 and were asking about IMAZ or the Oklahoma City Redman. I have done both races and I'm heading back to do the first November IMAZ this year.

If you REALLY want the official Ironman finish then go ahead and do IMAZ but if it is just the distance you are after then the Redman is a very good race.

If you have any more specific questions about those races just drop me a line.

I also saw you are doing Barb's race, Misty will be out there then I'm doing the full along with a friend of ours and Misty will sherpa.