"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Friday, January 25, 2008


Date Night
Tonight hubby and I went to Body Worlds 2 at the Tech Museum of Innovation.

It. Was. Amazing.

If you get an opportunity, go, DO NOT MISS IT. The one pervasive thought I was left with after viewing the exhibit is . We are meat. We are AMAZINGLY magical pieces of meat, but we are meat. It is this reality that makes biology so fascinating to me. Each second an organism's body performs hundreds of synchronized actions without so much as a second thought from the organism. Even complicated (I will not say advanced, because sometimes I don't think we are very advanced) creatures like us humans, can not begin to contemplate the endless number of calculations and adjustments that the body makes each minute just to keep us alive.

Anyhoo.. it was great and I needed to have a night with hubby to distract myself from myself and remind me how lucky I am to have him in my life. Smoochies to Mr. RBR. He doesn't read or know about this blog, but virtual smoochies anyway. He puts up with an amazing amount crap from me. Next month it will be 17 years of my psycho crap to be exact.

Mood Issues
Wintertime Blues are upon me, but it is so much better than last year at this time. Last January, I was at an emotional low point. My run buddy even pointed out that I am so much happier this year. She said she was very concerned by my mood and behavior last year. I have to think the running this winter (I did not run AT ALL last winter. I think I logged 4 miles in all of January 2007, and this year I have 85.8 already) and watching what I eat (
ok, somewhat/trying/... well, alright, at least it is not the fucking free-for-all of last January) is responsible for this difference.

None. Rest Day
HR monitor: Total calories burned (0 cal)

I have my two run day tomorrow. It is supposed to rain like hell, so I bought a rain run jacket. This should be exciting.

Total calories in: 1645 cal
Total calories burned in exercise: 454 cal

JC French Toast & banana/coffee (320 cal)
none (0 cal)
Mimi's Cafe w. Mom: 1 cup Corn chowder/1/2 Tuna Salad sandwich (640 cal)
Yogurt & 1/4 c. cereal (150 cal)
Date Night: Okayama's (Absolute Best Japanese Restaurant in San Jose, CA) Beef Teriyaki Dinner w/ all the fixin's ( around 1000 cal)
none (0 cal)

Total calories in: 2110 cal
Total calories burned from exercise: 0 cal


Southbaygirl said...


Go get them today! Let me know how your two day run is..!! I'm hoping it doesn't piss down with rain. This morning it's beautiful sunny slies in LA-maybe a little further north it's the same!!!

The body works exhibit is absolutely wonderful. I saw it the first time it came to LA! WOW! is all i can say! And I'm sure you must get a rel kick out of it since you teach biology!

As for the San Fran half-I would so be up for it. And I don't think you run slower than moi!! As I've gotten older-I've gotten slower! And now I'm just happy to be running relatively pain free!!!

17 years with your hubby! WOW! jealous and happy for you at the same time! A normal nice guy! Don't seem to meet any of those here in crappy man LA!

I get super cranky when I don't run-I think that's very normal!! And if it's grey, rainy etc and you're not running-I could see where you might get a bit dowm. You might be the kind of person that thrives off of exercise-I know I am!


let me know how the runs go-I'm doing my long run tomorrow I think...

Southbaygirl said...

By the way YEAH! for changing you Blog title to RUN BITCH RUN!!!

Tracy said...

You need to write a biology textbook. You have so much passion for it (and not just in this post). What you wrote was so interesting, I read it twice - and yes, I'm serious.

Date night sounded like fun. And you definitely deserved that!

~ Tracy