"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday. Doesn't that really say it all?


Today: To be filed under "Can someone tell me again, why the fuck do I do this for a living?"
I made good headway on my grading today, but it hasn't brought any relief to the stress. I am 2 Xanax shy of a complete mental breakdown. Between all of the work that needs to be done before the kids leave for break, all the Christmas shit I haven't done, and the impending Hell of my Christmas break job I think I am going to lose it.

To top it off, I have a kid making my life MISERABLE with his drama bullshit, that has now somehow become my problem. Student "X" made up a WHOPPING lie as a excuse to turn his lab report in late. I could care less why it was late, it still loses points for being late. (I will give consideration to certain circumstances, but you know..) Anyhoo, while the student was squeezing out crocodile tears and regaling me with his tale, my bullshit meter screamed passed "Break out your hip boots " and went straight to "Dear God! Get a snorkel!" but, I decided to drop it because it didn't change what was going to happen to his late credit on the lab report and I wasn't going to give him an extension on the second lab report that was due Wednesday. I was hoping I was giving him a way out of this WHOPPING lie so he didn't have to perpetuate it.

Well, then dumbass tried to tell this same WHOPPING lie to another teacher to get out of turning in an essay on time. Only this time he threw me under the bus by saying he told me and I promised to not tell his parents (not true) and gave him an extension (not true). This teacher emails me because she is concerned that Student "X" is not getting help for his MADE UP problem and that he told me about this issue and I said I wouldn't tell his parents. This is PATENTLY not true. I said repeatedly to the child that I cannot and would not promise not tell his parents, so the student never said anything directly he just eluded to the big fat lie that he openly told this other teacher. So of course, upon receiving her email I IMMEDIATELY called the Dean of students and told him of his WHOPPING almost lie to me and his WHOPPING actual lie to another teacher. Then I called the other teacher involved and told her the deal. Now she is pissed as hell that he tried to play her and I am pissed as hell because he tried to throw me under the bus (if I have told them once I have told them a thousand times "if it comes down to me or you staying out of trouble, I will chose 'me' every, single time."), but he is SCREWED because now he openly said this lie instead of big, leading hints. Now the same WHOPPING lie is going to be told to his parents, except now Student "X", in the immortal words of Ricki Ricardo, is "going to have a lot of splainin' to do".

Oh yeah, I do this because I am making a better world and giving back to the community. Right.

Exercise Log
None. Rest day
(Really, it was a "Fuck this. I am going home" day.)

Food Log

(1) English muffin/coffee/(2) JC French Toast + banana/coffee
1/2 c. cottage cheese/coffee
(Lunch date w/ run buddy) Hold on to your hats we went to....Sushi! Golden Bell Roll/Tamago
(Dinner date w/ old friend) Fresh Choice: salad w/ sm. amt. light ranch dressing/~1/2 c. cottage cheese/ 1/2 slice french bread w/ butter/brownie w/ ~1/4 c. nonfat frozen yogurt
Where did I put that tub of frosting and roll of unbaked cookie dough?

I swear, I will write a non-nasty, non-ranting post someday soon. It has to get better sooner or later, right? Right!? Answer me, damn it!

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