"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mish Mash

A boring post of randomness. You are forewarned.

May Training totals:

Running: 72.5 miles (up from 48.7 miles last month)
Biking: 197.0 miles (up from 167.0 miles last month)
Swimming: 0 miles (exactly the same level of swim apathy as last month, i.e. swimming still sucks ass)
Wt. lost at Jenny Craig: 5.2 pounds (15.2 pounds total lost)

That is more like it.

I even got so bold as to officially register for the San Francisco Marathon on July 25th. Let's see if I still got my marathon chops.

Hubby Update
We have a surgery date. On June 10th, hubby goes radioactive. This is not a picture of hubby. Not yet, anyway. I stole this from the internet and plied my extra special paint skillz.

I know, kind of hot, right? Get it? "Hot", since they are radioactive and next to his hoo ha? Man! I crack myself up.

There is a ton of pre-op stuff to do which is kind of making anxiety a bit high around here, but fortunately I still have 167 surly teenagers, that act like it is my fault their summer has not started yet, to distract me. Yeah, like I would decide to keep them any fucking longer than the state mandated.

Sunday Run: 10 miles

LA Run Buddy and I set out this Sunday for a hot 10 mile run (85 degrees, kind of whiny to call it "hot" but that is much hotter than it has been). I have been struggling with my asthma since Big Basin. I am back on the albuterol nebulizer and am having to wake up in the middle of the night to use it to clear attacks.

It has been a over a week now, time to suck it up and go to my pulmonologist. I have an appointment tomorrow. I am sure I am looking at going back on Prednsione (something I HATE) but it is not getting better and it is making running and sleeping highly UN-enjoyable.

To add to the difficulty of our run LA Run Buddy went out with her soccer buddies and tied one on the night before. She NEVER does that, so she was seriously hurting and her recovering alcoholic friend (yes, me) gave her exactly NO sympathy and then proceeded to drag her hung over ass out in the sun to run 10 miles.

Wheezy and the Lush, taking a picture for the sole purpose of stopping for a minute

It was a slow and ugly run, but we got it done.

I'll stop now. I have even bored myself. I blame the lack of oxygen to my brain.


Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

See ya in SF! Maybe? Just had the worst run in 2 weeks. Turning 44 sucks!

Jo Lynn said...

OMG - I totally take pictures just so I can stop. Or is it the other way around? LOL

See you Saturday. Let me know who's driving. ;)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey, why is LA Run Buddy wearing your pink outfit (complete with heart-hat) while you're wearing her blue one?

Let's see ... she tied one on the night before ... bad enough to be hung over ... obviously needed a designated driver ... who would be ... YOU!1!

Did something once again happen between you two that you both assured each other was a "mistake" back in college and would never happen again and then you both said "Whatever you do, don't TELL anybody!"?

It must've. How else to explain the two of you waking up in each other's clothes?

She was drunk, so I get her excuse ... but you?

All that Sapphic HAWTNESS going on the night before and what do WE get pix of? Seeded prostates and cats rolling their eyes.

I am rolling my eyes right now over that. (I'd much rather be doing something that would involve my prostate ... but I DON'T HAVE PICTURES!1!)

Hahahahahaha! ZOMG, I am SUCH a PIG!1!

But that's what you get for telling me to shut up - TWICE - on SteveQ's blog. Like I would ever say anything inappropriate!

To be serious for a moment, I am sending good thoughts your way for the hub's procedure. I know it'll all go well for you both!

Diana said...

Ewwwwww, prednisone! You can kiss that 15lb weight loss goodbye!
Shit sucks, BUT it does help with the breathing for sure. I took it for 2 weeks for something else a few years ago-I had my hubby duct tape the refrigerator to my back to save time of having to get up every 5 seconds for food!

Best of luck on the 10th-I'll be thinking of you both!

Christi said...

Good luck to your husband. I hope his procedure goes well.

Regina said...

Hmmmm, I may have to start taking my camera along regularly so I can have a reason to stop; I like that idea.

Congrats on the weight loss! That is great. So hard to do, I know...

Good luck to your husband.

RunKathyRun said...

Love your blog; your honesty, your outlook, your perserverance, your strength! Good luck on your husband's upcoming surgery.

SteveQ said...

You got a mention on my blog at long last! Saw this and just have to share: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbqScTVBiWM&feature=related

Aron said...

congrats on the weight loss!! maybe i will get to see you in SF again this year??? or at least at the expo. i am running the 2nd half!

C said...

You kicked my ass with your monthly stats. Then again I'm a total slacker, so god knows how much of an accomplishment that actually is.

My best wishes to your husband. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.

Aileen said...

85 degrees IS HOT. HOT!!!!!!!! And the two of you look waaaaay too good for it to be 85 degrees. Someday I'll take a picture of myself on a run when it's that HOT and then you can laugh.

Unknown said...

best wishes to hubby on his surgery/procedure.

great mileage last month too!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I just called BULLSHIT on your call of "BULLSHIT".

Firm, rock-hard BULLSHIT!1!

You know where you need to go ...

Alisa said...

Wow you've lost 15 lbs that is AMAZING!

Yay for SF, you'll do great. I'm hoping you're still doing Barb's Race.

Aka Alice said...

Yay on the SF marathon...we WILL meet!!!

I don't know what to say about G's post today... I am ashamed that I just set myself up like that. ((hanging head in shame))

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

@AQA Aleece - Your Case of Extra Chunky SploogenBrau is on the way via UPS.

Hey, B*tch, it occurred to me that any blog post that begins "Mish Mash" should also include, somewhere, the lines:

I was takin' a baff
Long about a Saturday nite ...

But yours didn't.

Way to drop the ball, B*tch.

SteveQ said...

I stand corrected. I looked for bad photos of me and... they disappeared! So did the good ones, for that matter. Found one of me bending over, raking leaves, but that's as bad as it got.

If you're really, really nice to me, I have a photo of me from 1973 wearing plaid pants that I should've burned long ago that I could digitize.

Lindsay said...

heck i stop to check and see if my shoes are still tied. you know, *just in case*. or when i need to cross the street but there is a car a 1/2 mile away. no worries pal, i will wait and be safe!! :)

hope you and the hubs can calmly survive this last week of pre-op stuff and hoping for the best with the surgery-business next week!

RBR said...

@G: She was drunk, so I get her excuse ... but you?

Umm, dude, have you seen her?! I do not need an excuse.


Herself, the GeekGirl said...

I'm thinking that if I get the job I just applied for, I really, seriously, want to do the Sharkfest. Have you ever thought about that one?