"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well, I wanted a break, but not this way...

Poor me. I have the stomach flu. I thought the marathon had caught up with me, because I was so tired, but I guess I was getting the flu.

Picture: Cleopatra's Deathbed (a smidge dramatic, sure, but I feel pretty damn bad!) Random Trivia Moment: One of the stories of her death is that Cleopatra committed suicide after Octavian invaded Egypt and all of her armies defected. She used the venom of the Egyptian Cobra. She decided on this particular venom after having several species of venomous snakes tested on her servants and observing their deaths. What a sweetie!

Tuesday after AP Parent night at school I was headed to the gym to do my swim and I started to feel like I had eaten something bad. It has all been down hill from there. The all over body aches are the worst part. I have never hurt, all over, this bad. Ever heard the expression, "so bad that my hair hurts"? Yeah, that bad. Plus. I haven't eaten anything since Tuesday at 2 pm except for a 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich that my husband hounded me into eating at 8 o'clock last night and that made me VERY ill. I hope he is guilt ridden. I am sure you are shocked to discover that I am a 'mean sick'.

Anyhoo, now you KNOW I am sick. We are approaching 48 hours of next to no food.

So I have missed some trainings. Workout for the week: Tuesday: none, Wednesday: none Thursday: will also be none. Since I am actually awake today (I literally slept 23 hours of yesterday, it is 11:30 and this is my first time awake today) I am hoping I can go swim tomorrow. I am trying to talk myself out of swimming and going for a run, because, frankly, I would rather run. However, since I am running on Sat and biking on Sun, I SHOULD swim on Friday. Did I mention before that I greatly dislike swimming?


Anonymous said...

Eeww! Sorry to hear you've been bitten by that type of bug. I hope you're feeling better after some well-deserved and needed sleep.

If you do decide to train tomorrow, take it easy - you know your body's been through hell this week!

(My daughter thinks the title of your blog is funny, btw. lol... and yeah, unfortunately, she's used to hearing that kind of language!)

Willie said...

I was wondering where you had been. Sorry to hear you are sick, but don't come back with a swim! SWIMMING SUCKS! Go for a run, running is from the God's, it was given to us to help us deal with this life they put us into. Swimming is just controlled survival, or in my case, uncontrolled drowning.

You, a mean sick, I'll never believe it!

Get well soon.

Southbaygirl said...


Being sick sucks! I'm so sorry! But you have your hubby there force feeding you pb&j!! I'm a cranky sicky person....probably because I don't get sick very often so I understand the mean issue. Everyone deals with sick in their own way!!!

I wouldn't swim, nor would I do anything on friday-even though I know you are desperate to!!! I'd give it one more day!! But that's me.

Now I must head to bed. Worked a 14 hour day today after an 1 1/2 hour commute this morning and an hour tonight....all i did today was a plank for a minute! And I'm working tomorrow, and on tuesday I start full time on Womens Murder Club...no more rest for me!!


Calyx Meredith said...

So sorry you've been sick! Hope you're on the mend. I don't know that I'm in Willie's camp of 'swimming sucks' but do go easy if the pool is the first thing you tackle on your way back into training. I think this flu stuff leaves people more wiped out than they expect - even when they're feeling "better". Healthy vibes sailing your way!

Anonymous said...

Rest! Rest! So sorry to hear that you're sick, and yes, hubby should be tripping over his guilt.

Tracy said...

You poor thing! I hope you feel better SOOOON!

Willie said...

The deathbed is a little over the top but very fitting. If it makes you feel any better I am wimping out again today. I WANT to run really bad but my body seems to think I shouldn't. I normally don't listen but today I think I will. So you won't get any guilt from me if you decide to stay in bed and eat more PB&J. In fact, that sounds like a good idea maybe I'll join you(1500 miles away). Oh boy, that will make people talk!!! Thanks for putting me on the top of your list, that will be additional motivation to run hard.