"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dude, it is 2010?!

When did THAT happen?!

I guess it happened while I was lolling around with my head wedged firmly up my ever expanding ass.


Enough wallowing about things that did not go as I had hoped in 2009,

Enough waiting until X, Y, or Z happens to get my shit together (for the record X, Y, and Z is usually X = I have more money, Y = I lose more weight, or Z = I am more caught up at work. These things are like waiting for the fucking toothfairy. He ain't coming, RBR. Get over it!)

and finally

Enough procrastinating on making a decision if Ironman is worth all the expense, hardship, and endless training. Honestly, I don't know if it is, but I am fucking going for it again anyway.


'Cuz that is how RBR rolls.

She may not have speed, she may not have talent, but she sure as shit has pig headed determination, and does not embarrass easily.

Despite the fact that they have an ugly ass logo that is not easy to steal from the website,
I have officially registered for the full Vineman Triathlon July 31, 2010.

Yes, I have suffered mightily on this course doing Barb's Race in 2008 and 2009, so I thought what the hell? Let's just do that bitch, twice! In a row! Within a 16 hour cut off! (more on the cut off in another post. I am on a roll here, no sense in getting bogged down with piddly details, like I timed out at IMCdA and this iron distance race has a one hour SHORTER cut off.. no worries, sillies!)

IronJane and Formulaic will both be there and that makes me exceedingly happy (BOTH are two time Iron finishers and my official beacons of BAD ASSERY). Plus, I know many of my ladies will be out there battling Barb's Race and that makes me exceedingly happy as well!

Training Update


I have rediscovered my love of running. It is like those old jeans that you put on one day and they were a little tight and gave you that lumpy, frumpy feeling, causing you to pitch them to the back of the closet, vowing to never wear them again. Until one day, when you were out of clean pants and were forced to don them. Upon slipping back into the soft demin, you felt their familiar comfort and decide, "hey, my ass does not look half bad in these!"

Kind of like, that but I am certain I will NEVER say that about my ass in running shorts *sigh*

Coming back from a running hiatus at 40 sucks ass, by the way. But even if my fitness is VERY slowly coming back, I have that happy feeling when I run again and I actually want to run. This is all good news.


I am faster. (Calm down, fast-ER, not to be confused with fast)

I know, WTF? I take 3 months off, working out once, MAYBE twice, a week and that improved my cycling speed? *shrugs*

Whatever. I will take it.

I have signed up for the Cinderella Challenge Cycling Training again this year. Those ladies helped me so much last year! It starts next week. I am pretty excited.


*sigh* I have signed up for pre-masters again. I can not face going back to masters yet.

I am, however, making the following declaration: This is the season of the swim. Therefore, I am not allowed to say the following phrases (until after July 31st):

1. "I hate swimming"

2. "Swimming sucks ass"

3. "I would rather engage in naked jello wrestling with Newt Gingrich, than go swimming."

2010 Race schedule (some changes):

Since I was wallowing this fall I missed out on registering for Big Sur marathon (it is sold out). I am very disappointed, but I am going to do another marathon that same day instead.

April 25, 2010 Marin County Marathon

May 23, 2010 Auburn Half Iron Triathon

July 31, 2010 Vineman Full Iron Triathlon


Anonymous said...

great post...I'm laffin my ass off...u are a badass and your 2010 calendar proves as much. Enjoy the re-entry into running AND the masters swimming..oh and that bit about naked jello wrestling with good 'ol Newt..classic!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Jello? Wrestling? With a Man named Newt? or Gingrich for that matter? Hmmm .... ? Nothing I even want to think about for a split second.

Good luck with it all. 40 is not bad though. You may need to run less through the week. I cannot do more than 4 training days a week without risking injury these days at 43.

Alisa said...

I'll be at Vineman too doing Barb's race! We can conquer it together.

I'm bummed you won't be at Big Sur, my hubs is running but I'll be there spectating.

Swimming--stay positive! (I have to tell myself the same thing about biking, it's my weak link)

Aka Alice said...

Yay! She's Back!!!!!

I keep thinking about Barb's Race but I'm a super big chicken.

FYI, whenever I am about to put something super-fattening into my mouth, I'm gonna think of Newt and jello wrestling...just nauseating. I'm sure, I'll lose my appetite at that moment! So thank you!

Diana said...

I'm fucking dieing over here! LMAO at this post.
I live for being pig-headed, it's gotten me where I am today! Proud as hell!
If you think 40 is bad, just wait till you hit 47. Shit!

Anonymous said...

Full Iron how exciting!! Look forward to reading about your training :)

Southbaygirl said...

Hi! My name is Penny and I'd like to re-introduce myself.....we met in San Fran when you had an ultra haut pink boa on...we ran 13 miles together and talked and talked and talked, I bitched way more than you did I might add. I just wanted to say hello! Welcome back to blogging, running, biking, swimming and bitching land...we welcome you back with open arms (cue the Journey song)

Maybe in between those long ass races you are doing, we can get together and run another race together!!!

Your friend,


ps....maybe, just maybe, I might be dumb enough to register and attempt to train for Barb's race....

Carolina John said...

you had me at "naked jello wrestling"

i am in love now.

and i'll take any extra speed i can find on the bike. sometimes a nice long rest is what it takes.

get in there and love that swim. i'm so freaking glad to have a dayum pool again it's nuts.

'Drea said...

Why do you loathe swimming?

Regina said...

Those jeans are still sitting in the back of my closet and will never see the light of day (nor will my ass, for that matter).

I like a woman with a pig head, I mean with pig-headedness. Your 2010 short list makes my 2010 long list want to run and hide it's inadequate head.

The imagery you created with jello and Newt Gingrich has caused me permanent brain damage.

Becca said...

Congrats on choosing THE race! Hey, you're never too old to get back into things. My mom STARTED running for the first time at 53! (she's not trying to conquer an Ironman or anything though!) Good luck!

Bootchez said...

Yay, yay, yay! You're BACK!!!

I could do without the jello:gingrich combination . . .

Ah, shit, all the dates of your races -- all within my circle of existence -- are on weekends that I work. One of these days, I'd love to meet up with a blogger . . .

Kris said...

Daaaaaamn! World's toughest half and full Vineman....most impressive! Glad the biking had gone up a notch for you....wish my swimming would. :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

I just joined a master swim program too! Welcome back to training, looking forward to following your IM training journey -- not sure if I'll ever get there, but I'll sure be inspired! :)

Lucinda said...

I go back to swim training tomorrow, yeah have not been since I was 16! Argh!

tri_al said...

ahah great post as usual. nice work on the full iron sign up. what's the deal with your hate of swimming? i don't mean to get all producty but have you tried swimming with waterproof music/ipod -> its what i do and i find it 110% easier to get a long swim session done. music doesn't work as well but i listen to podcasts and it's brill.

Unknown said...

yay for plans for 2010!!

go make them happen!! woot!!

SteveQ said...

Don't embarrass easily? Well, we'll have to test that this year, won't we...

Lindsay said...

oh how i have missed you!

vineman does have a freakin' ugly logo. i remember seeing it last year when you were talking about barb's race then. glad running and biking are going well, hopefully swimming won't be half bad... until july.

SteveQ said...

Only you would find this funny: Gray's Anatomy has been struggling in the ratings since the introduction of Dr. McDreamy and Dr. McSteamy years ago. In order to regain the magic, they're introducing a new doctor from Australia: McMonotremey!

K said...

oooh, i'm contemplating Barbs. Your post made me realize, that (a) I can do it and (b) who fkn cares what other people think? I'll see you at Auburn half for sure...

Calyx Meredith said...

Vineman! Let the countdown begin!