"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My new baby!

No, I wasn't hiding a covert pregnancy, although that might explain a few things with regards to some pants that do not seem to fit anymore.

And no, in the interest in remaining married, no new furry babies have entered my life.

But the new baby IS all cute and new and PINK!

I got this!
Terrible picture of my new run camera (and same, old dog) taken with my Blackberry. I couldn't really take a picture of my new camera with my new camera. Duh!

Here is the first picture I took with her right out of the box.

Umm, ok, flash works. Sorry Lucy. Not very flattering.

then I took her out to try on my short, long run this week. She is waterproof, shockproof, and basically RBR proof! Let's see if I can kill this sucker!

Here are some rather boring shots from my rather boring run.

Coots on the lawn moments before a small child scared them all back into the lake.

Bridge in front of a bridge. Sorry for the off kilter shot.

The historic Rengstorff House where I was a Maid of Honor for my friend's wedding. Personally I find it a little creepy. Like you might find someone's taxidermied mother in the attic.

It wouldn't be a Sunday long run at Baylands without my white pelicans! I am impressed with this camera. This picture is a pretty serious crop from the original and it looks pretty darn good to me.

Today we were supposed to ride to the top of Mt Hamilton, but it snowed down to 2500 ft (Mt. Hamilton is at 4350 ft) so that was not an option and the ride was shortened to a 40 mile ride with about 1700 feet of climb. There was an added level of difficulty because we were hit with 25-35 mph winds today.

I took the new baby on my bike ride today

Here is part of the training group I have been riding with.

Here is my Bike Buddy from the Cinderella group. We spend our rides giggling like school girls and planning what food we are going to eat after.

They are awesome group and we had a great ride, despite the wind. Lots of laughs, lots of wind, and a decent amount of climbing, but all in all a really great time.


Jo Lynn said...

Blah - the wind was terrible today! I can't believe you were out riding in it. Sounds like you had a pretty good time though. I'll bet you're happy to have a camera in your hand again.
I thought Lucy was bigger than that. If she's the one in the picture WITH your camera, she must be about Boomer's size (which is perfect in my book). ;)

Formulaic said...

Yay for your new family member!

Shock proof!

Water proof!!?? Does that mean you will be taking it with you into the pool?

Do we get an underwater video soon? That would be cool!

Aka Alice said...

First...OMFG...why did I not see your post about the Solvang Century until just now...something is SERIOUSLY WRONG with my RSS reader (yeah. that's right, blame the technology)...So glad you made it. You persevered. I am so impressed and how can you be so flippin' funny when you are so miserable...I do love that about you.

And second...LOVE the new baby! So, so, so cute!

and third teacher to teacher...I fucking hate March. You're right, it sucks ass...Is it spring break yet?

Now back to grading...GAH!

Southbaygirl said...

It was so windy today!!! And cold...I kinda liked it! Of course mixed with the rain it made it a perfect sunday morning!!!

Nice ride! I commend you for getting out on a bike with the wind! You are my hero!!!

I hope we both get into Nike Womens!!! Let me know if you hear!!

JenZen said...

What a great camera! And I LOVE that it's PINK!!! SWEET!!!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect little addition to the family...

Carolina John said...

what do you know? i got a run camera working again this weekend too. it's just an older small point and shoot, but will still come in handy. Of course, the kids then took over taking pictures of the tv.

ShirleyPerly said...

Ha, that house creeps me out too, LOL. But Lucy sure is cute, blue-eyed or not.

Way to get out there and ride some hills, esp. on such a windy day. That training group looks pretty friendly actually, unlike some of ones in my area who seem to want to eat me for lunch. Glad you had a good ride!

Calyx Meredith said...

So glad you have a great group to ride with! Giggling and planning what to eat are super ways to pass the time on a long ride. LOVE the new pink camera. I need one that's waterproof! Have a great week.

Angela said...

I love that it's RBR proof! Yay! Sounds like somebody had a great weekend!

Lindy said...

Nice pics! I recently got a new camera, too, and it's like a million times better than my old one.

Unknown said...

great pictures!! yay for the new camera!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! and it is pink! Now, please tell what brand is it. I have been thinking buying one to take along with me when running/riding as my blackberry takes a little blurry pics.

Aileen said...

Congrats on the new purchase! I love new stuff...especially stuff that I might NOT be able to break!

COOTS! You kill me ;)

Shannon said...

Your baby is cute!

Lindsay said...

glad you found a camera worthy of your abuse :) the pics turned out great i think!

under my own steam said...

you're making me want to get a camera that i can take with me on my runs - although I don't think my runs are in very interesting places...

IronSnoopy said...

Congrats on the new family member, she's perfect! Love that you take photos on your runs -- you have so much to look at. And yes, that house is creepy. If you look closely in the upstairs window I think you can see said taxidermied person.

My running buddy and I spend about 96% of all runs talking about food, LOL!

RoadBunner said...

Awesome camera! I need a new one I can run with, too. My old clunker is twice the size of all the current ones.

Steve Stenzel said...

Wait... you COULDN'T take a photo of your new camera with your new camera! Why not!!

And yes, that house IS a little creepy...

Nice camera! Enjoy!