"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

"I am not dead. I don't want to go in the cart"

Title in reference to Jane's Monty Python post. I love the "Bring out your Dead" sketch.

I promised myself that I wouldn't post until I had something positive to say, I am sick to death of hearing myself snivel, but I also promised myself I would post my weekly updates for what I am calling the 'Anyone Can' IM training

(Lame, I know, but it sounds better than "Holy shit! It is really 140.6 miles?!" IM training.)

I have been sick all week. Apparently standing around in the freezing rain, covered in wet clothes and an ill fitting mylar blanket, for over an hour, after running a marathon in the same freezing rain is not good for you. Would it kill my mother to be wrong once in a while?

Obviously, training was nonexistent , but I think the week off was good for me. I am still swimming in a sea of phlegm (awww, the poet in me comes out) but I am ready to get back at it.

Next up is the Solvang Century on Saturday. It will be my first 100 mile ride. LA Run Buddy and I will be doing it together, so no matter what happens it is guaranteed to be a good time!


Stef0115 said...

OMG your poetry made me laugh out loud!!!

I am secretly glad you had a "rest week." Um, well, guess that's not a secret now is it?

Ok. Seriously. Nah!

You guys will have so much fun on your century. When I get to the point of doing centuries and marathons you had BETTER still be doing them cause I want to do some races with you!

Starting with Rage! Even though we aren't doing the same distance it will still be a freaking BLAST!!!

Aka Alice said...

I don't know..."Holy Shit, Is it Really 140.6 Miles?" sounds like a good training program for me.

Glad you got some rest. Now go out there and kick some ass girl.

IronWaddler said...

Hope you feel better soon!! Are you sure that an Iron is 140.6??LOL

Calyx Meredith said...

LOVE Monty Python! One vacation my middle son learned to ride a scooter - the hard way - by hitting (and wrecking on) every single bump/crack/rock patch to be found. In two days he (all alone) went through the entire bandaid supply I'd brought for all five kids for a week. Oozing and scabby, bandaids hanging off of him, he turned to go get back on the scooter - and I tried to make him stop. He waved and yelled back at me in his crazy little seven year old voice+fake English accent, "It's only a flesh wound!" (It's not poetic like your sea of phlegm but I was hoping it might bring a smile to your undead face. Oh wait. I meant "not dead". Totally different from undead, isn't it. Sorry. Been hanging with my zombiephile kids too much.)
Um anyhoo - hope you feel better! Yay for rest weeks and upcoming good times with LA Run Buddy! (Tell her we said HI!)

Steve Stenzel said...

Jeez, good luck getting better!! I'm sitting here all full of snot. Gross.

Anonymous said...

I hear you with the being sick. I hope you get feeling better soon. Get some rest.

Ordinarylife said...

Hope you feel better soon!
And wow, 100 MILES! Here I am feeling all proad of myself because we did 100km!

I think I will stick to my century.

Diana said...

I love phlegm!
Love the cat pic....poor thing isn't going down with a good fight!
Glad to hear feeling better, seems like we're all getting out of our funk!

Unknown said...

An illness recovery week may have been a very good thing for you - like hitting the reset button!

Have fun on the century this weekend!!

And get well!!

Go Mom Go said...

First, I am a brad bloggy friend.
Congrats on #7 marathon! The only one I have ever done was at the end of an ironman.

But it is a really good thing for your body to be recovering. It is ok!!

I met someone this week here in Indy that is doing CDA. She is a cute one too...you may end up running with here too. :)

Take care and rest!

Go Mom Go said...

That would be Bad. not Brad...I don't know who he is :)

Angela said...

Hey! I hope you feel better soon. And as for swimming in phlegm...at least you're swimming. I mean, isn't that a goal? Okay, that was bad! HUGS!

Carolina John said...

yes a week off can have great bene's sometimes. hang in there!

Bootchez said...

I think we all need to get some kind of cld funk going on every now and then just to remind us how much SNOT a head can produce . . . incredible! Hopefully the enforced rest period will really fuel you for the century . . . good lck!

Bootchez said...

That would be Good Luck, NOT lick, ew!

Amy said...

Rest weeks rock! Seriously, sometimes you just need that time to stop and regroup and get healthy before moving on to bigger (longer) things.

Solvang will be my first century too. I'll be the one swearing loudly on the last hill. Good luck there!

Jo Lynn said...

Sorry you got sick. Being depressed for that short time and then running the marathon in those conditions - probably your little immune system just couldn't tolerate anymore.
I'm happy you are in the mood to get out and do some exercising. That's always a good sign. ;)

Aileen said...

I love love LOVE all the Python stuff. LOL cats never ceases to amaze me ;)

I hope you are feeling better!!! I had a house guest all weekend who brought with him the stomach flu, so I'm hoping that I miss it :(

Aron said...

hope you are feeling better SOON!!!! I am sure the week off was good for your body. Good luck at the century ride! I love the area... I am from Santa Maria and LOVE the whole central coast.

Southbaygirl said...

Being sick sucks!!! I'm going to say that it wasn't the cold rain but your body needing a bit of rest!!

OK...so what time does your Century start? I'm working ALL NIGHT in Long Beach friday night-shooting football all night long-and I wont be off work until saturday morning around 7am (when the sun comes up!)...so unless your Century starts in the afternoon, I don't think I can make it. I HATE my job sometime! I feel like such a blogging friend loser!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh man, so sorry to hear you got sick after your race. That's the last thing you needed, I'm sure with how you felt before.

Is your coach really making you do so many long events so close together??? I, for one, would not be happy at all feeling like I'm just surviving one event to another and not really getting some quality training time in, esp. swimming since we know that is our biggest weakness and probably the number one thing that will stop our IM dreams from coming true. It may be time to have a heart to heart talk with her.

Just my 2 cents ... good luck either way!!

Lindsay said...

hope you enjoyed the rest and are feeling better so you can jump back in the training. good luck this weekend in the century!

Willie said...

Mmmm phlegm, sexy as ever.

Good luck on the ride. You are beginning to piss me off though. A marathon and then a long ride a week later? If you keep raising the bar like this I'll never catch up.

Tracy said...

Are you feeling any better? I hope so. And I hear ya on the not wanting to post thing. I try to remind myself that the point of a blog isn't JUST to provide motivation and it's okay to snivel. You are very much an inspiration either way. You ROCK.

~ Tracy