"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I am a big ol' grouch

I did the San Jose Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 marathon with my Run Buddy today.

Good things:

1. Run Buddy and I decided to run this together and I love her to pieces.

2. It is a Rock 'n' Roll event which are usually pretty fun

3. It is in my home town and runs through my neighborhood (the pretty part, for some reason the race director didn't want to include a 'Pink Poodle loop'. Odd, I know)

The nice thing about running in your own 'hood is that you know
where the good bathrooms are.

4. Run Buddy has done it every year it has happened (this is its third year in San Jose, I missed last year due to my knee injury before the Nike marathon)

Nefrititi and her slave girl came out from the Rosicrucian Museum to cheer runners on. I love this little neighborhood museum. If you ever come to San Jose you should really go.

Not so good things:

1. I have entered full blown bitchtabulous status with PMS.

2. Run Buddy fully admits that she did not train for this at all and she was going to do a 1 min run /1 min walk (yes, from the very start of the race. It is just as irritating as you would imagine) for as long as she could handle. Which ended up being mile 8. She walked after that.

3. I was running this with her, so that means that is what I was doing.

It was a long morning. *sigh*

Sorry to be a bummer...


SWTrigal said...

Gosh what a bomb to drop on you at the last minute! You have the right to be pissed and PMS-Y..sorry your day sucked..

Stef0115 said...

Don't worry about being grouchy. It happens to everyone.

Except me.


I can be the queen of grouchiness. You're human after all and PMSing. Glad you spent time with Run Buddy.

Anonymous said...

I now feel like a bitch for telling you my time:(.

Disappointed I didn't see you today, but I had to go to work right after.

F PMS it is a life ruiner.

Unknown said...

I can understand how frustrating that walk/run plan would be. Then add PMS on top of it. Shudder.

Anonymous said...

I expect to be a big ol' grouch in...hmmm...about 2 weeks ;-)

Lindy said...

YOU are a good friend and a true friend and maybe some other kinda friend...I don't know if I could have handled that last minute revelation.

Lindy said...

Cute shirts, though. :)

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, you're a MUCH better friend than I am!! When I get PMS bad, it's best that no one is around, even my husband. Good for you sticking to the plan!

The Original MAJ said...

OMG I just found your blog through someone else's and I have to tell you . . . I love you LOL

Whenever I have a race, my best friend, who actually ran my first 5k with me (I beat her, bu she doesn't care), will tell me: "you better run like you mean it, you silly bitch."

And if she's there, she yells "Run, bitch, RUN!"


Aileen said...

But you look cute in pink!!!

Julianne said...

hi! i found your blog through our common interest: marathons. and pleasantly surprised to find that you're also near by and ran the rock n roll sj half this weekend. i did, too! i remember running by that pretty mummy. haha.

LJ said...

I did this one too.. my first half! and ur my neighbor! that's awesome. u know how I originally found you was when I did the buzz 5k for the 2nd time (my sister lives down that way) and was googling "buzz race reports" and came across yours from 2008 :)