"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I ran, bitch, I ran!

Well, I didn't want to keep anyone in suspense.... I DID IT!!

Today I ran 26.2 miles in 5:20:19! I had the goal of breaking 6 hours (to get an official time and be a official finisher at Napa), but I really wanted to do it in 5:45, then my super secret goal was 5:30 and I beat all three!

I am pretty pooped. I will write a full (and verbose, I am certain) race report after my nap. Including pictures of course!

It was awesome and I can not thank you all enough for your undying support through the training and today. Thank you, thank you!!


Willie said...

WOW great job. Breaking 3 goals in one race. Take a nice, well-deserved break involving much alcohol, chocolate, and whatever else makes you happy. Time to reap the marathon rewards!

What's next?

Southbaygirl said...

Congrats on a job very well done!!!! I hope you had a nice glass of wine afterwards!

Shelley said...

OH, good! I had to double check to make sure I didn't give you the impression that I was running a full marathon for Cowtown!!!Thats all...Hey, question: would you run Nike Womens again, ya think??? Because registration opens tomorrow and I really wanted to run it last year but it was sold out by the time I even heard about it.....what do you think? I'm looking for my first full and it has to have meaning....Tiffany, firemen, SF...if only there were no hills!! Help!

OMG...I can't believe ZZ is in 6 weeks. I'm not ready!

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