"...In the end, people either have excuses or experiences; reasons or results; buts or
brilliance. They either have what they wanted or they have a detailed list of all the rational reasons why not."

~ Anonymous
(taken from Matt Erbele's, It Takes Time to Get Good)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Time to get real about the eating again

February Update
My quest to improve my health and fitness is a journey and a lifestyle change. I know I will falter and slip back into old patterns, but I have to be honest in assessing my progress. That means that I have to pull back and recognize there is a problem before I get back to where I was before. My exercise has been ok, but not exactly where I want to be. I know I have been posting all my runs, but there is more I want to do to improve my overall fitness. I am happy with my eating and fitness over the winter which is historically a bad time for me, but Spring is approaching and I want to start getting back on track.

I have been avoiding the scale (not a good idea) and this morning confirmed, what I think I already knew, I have gained back 5 pounds (amazing how quickly I can put it on isn't it? It still shocks me and I have been in this body a long time). When I reached my goal weight, I decided to use 135 as my panic weight and I weighed in this morning at 135.5. Time to get serious again. So, I apologize, but the boring ass, freaking lame, food log is coming back.

We are six weeks into 2008 here are my totals so far: (included entirely to make me feel better about the weight gain)

Number of miles run: 141.72 mi
this time last year: 4 mi.
Number of races completed: 5
this time last year: 0
Number of yards swum: 3150 yd.
this time last year: 0 yd.
Number of hours on bike: 2.5 hrs.
this time last year: 0 hrs.

Other news
Tomorrow I have my first meeting with my new triathlon coach and the triathlon training group. I haven't mentioned this because, to be honest, I am a little embarrassed and a WHOLE lot scared.

Why I was embarrassed: It seems "over-the-top" for a 38 year old, back of the packer, trying to break 4 hours on an Olympic distance triathlon to hire a coach. But, screw it I work hard and can afford it so I am doing it.

Why I am scared: There are two group workouts a week and I am sure I will be training with some seriously hard core triathletes (most of whom are probably training for an Ironman distance) and will be, by far, the slowest and least fit person out there, but I am going to do it. Tomorrow night I will get to meet everyone. Yikes.

B: 2 sl. TJ French Toast/banana/coffee (290 cal)
S: apple/coffee/dried plums (155 cal)
L: Whole wheat bagel/artichoke & lt. cream cheese spread (320 cal)
S: yogurt & cereal/handful almonds (200 cal)
D: TJ chicken stir fry (yes, I cooked it myself!)/salad (355 cal)
S: Molten Delights mini (150 cal)
Total: 1460 cal
Water (ml): 3900


Tracy said...

WOO HOO! Welcome back FRENCH TOAST BANANA report! Oh, how I've missed you!!

I really hate when studies prove that exercise is only half of the battle and that real results come from proper nutrition. Who needs it. Oh yeah, that's right. WE do. I forgot.

I am truly amazed what you're accomplishing with running. It's not all about mileage, is it. A triathalon coach and training group? For REAL??? I'm in AWE of you.

Regarding being a 38-year old warrior (coming from a 39 year old warrior here), tell those negative thoughts in your head to, "Pfffft." You know what I REALLY want to do? Okay, told you already but I would LOVE to rock climb. And I've NEVER done it> But I WILL! You, my friend, are an inspiration!

You probably know this already but training with people who are higher up on the fitness scale will only increase YOUR fitness level and faster. The bar has been raised. I kinda wish I had someone like that to train with at the gym.

When you go and feel scared, just remember there are those of us with you in spirit (and who can't WAIT to hear all ABOUT it).

Super proud of you as always,

~ Tracy

Willie said...

You're much braver than me. I would hate to have to write down what I eat everyday. Nutrition is hard for everyone I think. Good for you that you can recognize this and fix it. Please tell me how! I think your hiring a coach is wonderful, good for you. Go for it! 38 is not old! You're still young and fit with many horrible triathlon swims ahead of you.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Some of those extra pounds could be muscle mass which then works to your benefit as a fat burning machine. As an almost 43 year old warrior in the battle of the bulge I fully understand. I was on the scale this morning and not pleased! I need more veggies! Good luck with the training!

Southbaygirl said...

A scale-what the hell is that??? But food-yummy. Love it! Especially the stuff that's bad for you-why does all the stuff that's bad for you taste so damn good??? Damnit!! I just try not to buy it anymore! Sucks! But c'est la vie....I'm going to look "HOT"!!!!
At least you caught it before you had gained even more back! But Maryland Girl is correct-muscles do weigh more than fat and since you've been doing a combo of exercise it could easily be that!!!

I think the coach is a marvelous idea-if I had the money I'd do it. But once I have the money I wont have the time-you have the best of both worlds-do it and don't feel bad about it! Screw anyone who thinks you shouldn't be there!! Exercise or anything in your life is done for you! Well at least that's what I keep telling myself. If I feel better about myself, it radiates out...so I'm trying REAL HARD!!! Because it's been tough to feel good about me. The fact that you still want to do triathalons is exceptional!!! I'm impressed! For I I'd have to be dragged into the cold frigid water here kicking and screaming!!!! I'd be fine running and biking! BRRRRR swimming! I'm telling you, you are wonderwoman!! Wow I know someone famous! How cool is that!

Must go shovel shit-tired of this!! I need to work! And run in the rain today!!!

Southbaygirl said...

Montana de Oro trail run on August 31st? I love that place! It's so amazing. i've camped there!!! That's the weekend my Tennessee Vols come out to play UCLA in football-Maryland Girl might come out. Maybe we should all run this!!!!

Southbaygirl said...

They have one on March 16th.....-might do that one!!!